Wimbledon Common Half Marathon – Run Through UK – Race Review

Half Marathon

Wimbledon Common, London

Uphill, downhill, grassy and on the trails.

£30 via letsdothis.com

Medal & T-Shirt
Lots of goodies including banana, water, smoothie, flapjack bar.



I booked this race with Run Through UK via the letsdothis.com website after wanting to build a race as part of my long run for Marathon Training.

On the weekend I was looking at, there wasn’t too much local to me, however, this popped up so thought I’d give it a go!


Run Through organise a lot of races in London utilising their local green spaces with events on both weekdays and weekends. With 5 and 10ks during the week, they then up the distances more on weekend events.

This event was on a Sunday and the race started at 9.30am so enough time for travelling, especially from Milton Keynes. There was no dedicated parking for the event, however, we found parking in a nearby street.


The race event village was on a big field in the common, which is great if the weather is nice but not so much if raining or cold! It was a nice morning but it had been raining overnight so we could have done with something to sit on whilst sorting out our race numbers and final prep!

Numbers aren’t sent out before so you have to collect them on the day. Ideal for me, as I only signed up 4 days before. The process was really easy and safety pins were provided.

There were portaloos were available for women and they had toilets in the nearby clubhouse for the men. It was a short walk away from the start, but also close enough.

East Nine were there to also provide a warm up. They did some cardio based work followed by some dynamic stretches. Nothing too strenuous which is ideal before a half. (I’ve seen some odd warm ups in my time!).  Myself, Ana and Sammy who I was with ran a little bit through the course to see what the start was like.



Run Through were operating waves around 3 minutes apart based on your predicted finish time. We headed out in Wave 1, but I failed to predict how challenging this course was going to be, especially on tired legs as I had ran hard the day before!

(Not usually recommended, but I wasn’t treating this a race).

The Course

A 2 lap course, labelled as 1.5 miles uphill, 3.5 miles flat followed by 1.5 miles downhill. The course was mainly on grass, trail and gravel. The uphills were a lot sharper than expected with 1 stinger of a hill just over a mile into the course. If you’re targeting a PB I wouldn’t say this is the course to do it on.

I was hoping the 3.5 miles flat would feel more comfortable, however, as it was gravel pathways, it wasn’t easy to push off of the ground in a efficient stride. On a course like this, you’ll use more energy than on others so I wouldn’t say it’s a fast course by any means. It was scenic around the park and good for supporters as they can move around the loop to see you a couple of times.

A lot of the race was in the shade, so was great in the hotter weather. It was around 22 degrees this morning so the shade was really appreciated! If you’re running this in the Winter I’d also recommend old trainers. I wouldn’t wear new ones for this race!

On a positive note, there were lots of friendly marshals and it was well sign posted. It would have been hard to go in the wrong direction.

There were three points for water on the course and they were in bottles. I still can’t drink out of cups successfully!


As we approached the finish you could hear the huge PA system which gave you a boost in the last 800m and your name is read aloud as you pass the line! You get presented with a lovely medal. This years was a womble!

There was no official goodie bag, but treats lined up for you to take. I thought this was a great idea to help reduce plastic bag waste. There was a finishers T-Shirt, water, bananas, flapjack bars, flavoured corn, smoothies and a few other things I can’t quite remember now – but well worth the entry fee for!


In summary, a very well organised race! A great medal, tee and goodies at the end. Great to include as part of training and also good to prepare for hilly and trail courses. However, if I wanted a flat and fast half I won’t be rushing back to this one!