I’ll begin with describing what mindset is:
Mindsets are beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities.
Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, says there are two different types of mindsets: fixed and growth-oriented.
People with a fixed mindset think talent alone creates success. When faced with a challenge, they tend to take the easy way out to avoid failure and embarrassment.
People with a growth mindset believe they can improve their abilities and create successes by working hard, practicing, and learning. They take on challenges even at the risk of failing. They embrace failure because they know they’ll learn valuable lessons from it.
At the moment, a lot of time has been taken up by training clients 1 to 1 and training for the London Marathon.
Over the past few weeks, due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t been able to train as much as I would have liked to and at points this has made me feel quite nervous and a little on edge.
A few weeks ago, I went on a training run and did 16 miles. It was awful.
I was stressed and mentally I wasn’t ready for the run, which led to a terrible experience and it left me feeling deflated. I was ill after and I didn’t think I would be ready for the Marathon at all.
The next week I had my charity evening, ran a super quick 8 miles the next day and followed it up with a 17 miler on that Sunday. I was back on track and feeling good. 2 months to go and it still felt like I had a lot to do to get myself to that start line. Somehow my mindset was still not quite there. Here I had a fixed mindset. Relying solely on the training or what I thought lack of, and this was what was holding me back.
Last week was a serious game changer for me.
One night last week I had a new client in for a training session. I won’t name and shame them, but they really touched me and they probably don’t even know the impact they had.
Their mindset was so ON POINT, it inspired me. She wanted a change and knew by seeing me, that this was the first step towards it.
She had set out her goals and knew she was on a process to achieving them.
Determined, focused, motivated.
Meeting people like this, really inspires encourages me. It reinforces the decision I made with my career and that with the right attitude and some PMA (positive mental attitude) that you are unstoppable.
Yesterday also saw me take on the MK Festival of Running, half marathon.
Ok, so the distance is less than the 17 miler I completed the previous weekend. But I got so much more out of this run. My mindset had changed from a fixed one to ‘growth’…
I set out for a new PB which before the race stood at just over 1 hour 45 mins.
I had in my head what pace I would need to run at to achieve this, and in the build up to the race I had prepared well. Both physically and mentally.
Physically I had followed my tried and tested nutrition strategy, prepared all my kit and had it laid out and ready to go. Mentally I built myself up to ‘get into the zone’, had an early night and thought about what I wanted out the race. A lot more thought went into this than I would do on any usual training run.
I lined up on the start line, almost jumping for joy that the torrential downpour earlier that morning had been and gone, and the weather for now was holding out.
I set off and started well, clocking my watch every mile, keeping an eye on the time and my pace.
I was running strong, all under 8 minute miles and on track for a PB.
The miles kept going by and I was holding pace. Around mile 9 I could start to feel the strain of running at this speed, but mentally I was telling myself that I got this far I could not give up now. Mile 10 struck and it was only a small matter of a 5K/parkrun to finish off with.
And then Mile 11 happened.
As soon as I turned left from Willen and up to Campbell Park, the wind hit and the hills began.
I must admit, the final 2 miles were only what I can describe as torture. I knew my pace had slowed, but also knew my strong start allowed me some leeway.
I battled through, with some help from a fellow Redway Runner and everyone else cheering at the end. I knew I had this!!!
I ran over the finish line in 1 hour 43 and a small few seconds.
The feeling was unreal – I had finally broken that 1:45 barrier.

At this point it feels that I am almost ready to take on London. My mindset this week has shifted and my positivity is at an all-time high.
I have taken knock backs but have learnt from them.
Used previous knowledge to fuel my training and now have faith in my ability.
The takeaway is that:

  • We are in power of our own mindset.
  • Don’t allow a fixed mindset to hold you back.
  • Work hard, be consistent, take risks.
  • Learn from mistakes and turn every experience into a positive one.

Whether that be in regards to your career, health and fitness journey, weight loss goal, relationship, friendships or general wellbeing.
If you start to believe, then anything is possible.
When you have the right mindset, things will all fall into place.