What is it, to be healthy and fit? #StrongerFitterFaster

‘Health’ and ‘fitness’, the two latest buzz words that have been thrown around too much recently.
But what does it mean to be healthy or fit? It’s what we all strive to be, but often the vision of what it is, is blurred.
There are so many definitions and meanings, and what it could mean to one person, could be completely different to another.
I did a bit of research online and these definitions came back at me via google:


‘the state of being free from illness or injury’


‘to be in a good physical or mental condition’


‘the condition of being physically fit and healthy’


‘a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities’ 

The reasoning behind what sparked this post, was whilst I was on holiday recently. Most people slave away in a gym, go on extreme diets to be ‘bikini-body’ ready to then eat all they want from the all-inclusive buffet and drink all of the free beer and cocktails.
I’ve been one of those girls, who for years, have cared too much about what I look like in the mirror or what the numbers say on the scales. I’ve tried every ‘diet’ out there and slaved away at the gym trying to ‘burn off weekend calories’ many times before.
However, this year, since becoming a Personal Trainer and focusing my energy into pushing my performance further and challenging myself mentally and physically, my mindset has completely shifted.
I workout for a PURPOSE. My training sessions are to make me #StrongerFitterFaster.
I now exercise to become stronger and therefore in turn fitter and faster. Everything I do is to make me healthier for every day life and hopefully a better runner. I get more satisfaction from a PB or new medal than I do by losing a pound on the scales or by a new muscle appearing whilst looking at myself in the mirror.
But, for once I felt the best I’ve ever felt on holiday for this reason. Ok, I have my hang ups! Don’t we all? I still have days where I don’t feel my best. (James can definitely vouch for that, right?!). But, on holiday I was able to relax, after achieving some of my best results to date and took more satisfaction in that, rather than having a six pack.
It’s quite funny actually – we got friendly with the animation team towards the end of the holiday once we had the confidence to get involved in some of the pool-side activities. They sat down with us one morning and asked what we did for a living. James continued to tell them he was a Chef and when they looked at me, I explained I was a Personal Trainer and Running Coach. I then got asked ‘where’s your six pack?’. Usually I’d take that quite personally, but I know that I don’t need abs to be good at my job and that’s not what being fit is about! My clients get results and I know how to coach and train my clients to achieve the progress they have come to me for. Again, another misconception of what ‘fitness’ really is!
For example, James and I ran every day whilst on holiday.

You could say that we’re mad and should have taken a break, but we enjoy running and what better way to explore the area than running around it! It also meant that we could scout out the best bars and ice cream places for an afternoon cocktail or treat. We were on holiday after all!! 😉
Anyway, back to the running…
To get out of the back of the hotel where we started most runs, we walked past the gym. It was very basic and therefore was not used by us once that week.
But every morning we saw the same guy slaving away on the cross trainer.
From looking at him, he was obviously a body builder and there he was slaving away doing his ‘morning cardio’. It baffled me… There was a beautiful promenade just outside the front of the hotel, but he decided to get his ‘cardio in’ by using the cross trainer rather than going for a brisk walk along the beach front!
Whilst he look aesthetically fit, I’m pretty certain he would not have been able to keep up with James and I for more than 2 minutes on our run.
So I ask you, is it worth being aesthetically fit, over physically fit?
Question yourself next time you’re disappointed with what you see in the mirror or on the scales…
Be fit and healthy for every day life rather than what society defines we need to look like!