London Marathon Training Week 5

Week 5

Day 29 – Monday 29th January 

45 minutes easy on the plan today as my ‘recovery run’ followed by a Sports Massage with Rudi @ The Treatment Lab. This was much needed as my calves were very tight! I only managed to squeeze in 4 miles before my appointment, but I wasn’t going to worry I didn’t fit in a full 45 mins as I knew I would be running later with the Need for Speed group.

I then went off to Sweat Studios for an hour of Hot Yoga. A great day of recovery I feel.

Finished off with Week 4 of Need for Speed. We did hill repeats tonight. I waited at the bottom of the hill playing the Rocky song whilst the group had to squats, lunges, tricep dips etc. in between their reps.


Weekly Mileage Total – 5.8 miles 

Day 30 – Tuesday 30th January 

I looked at the plan for today and laughed. 3 x 2 miles @ 13 minutes. That’s 6:30 pace, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Today I felt super tired as well. I think it was the weekend catching up with me and the early start this morning.

I headed up to Caldecotte Lake, my new location for speed sessions for a 1 mile warm up.  I then went into Rep 1 and went by feel. It was tough, but I managed mile 1 in 6:38 and mile 2 in 6:22. I took my 1 minute recovery and set off for rep 2. During this rep I felt like stopping after the 2 miles and not completing the third rep. But once I’d done 2, I was committed. Rep 3 was done and I averaged at 6:31. WOW! I actually did it.

One more mile cool down and I quickly text James to tell him of my achievement. Maybe I should believe in myself a little bit more?? 8 miles banked today!


Weekly Mileage Total – 13.8 miles 


Day 31 – Wednesday 31st January 

1 hour easy run. This was effort.

I felt OK as I headed out but my body did not like me on this run. I felt drained and empty. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so may have been lack of fuel or fatigue from the BIGGGGG session on Tuesday. 7.3 miles done at a pace of 8:16. So although I felt tired, the pace was decent. This will help on Marathon day… If I felt rubbish running 8:16 per mile, I will take that for the last 10K of London.

James and I then completed a Strength session at the gym. Both of us were feeling the miles in our legs so opted for a mix of lower and upper body exercises today.

Another fabulous set of core classes. A great 80s playlist and the rapport and energy in the class got me through!


Weekly Mileage Total – 21.1 miles


Day 32 – Thursday 1st February 

Pinch, punch, first day of the month.

A packed day full of PT clients, but a double run day on the plan. Morning clients followed by a 5K easy run, 3 more clients and then a 45 minute run, then back to the studio for the evening.

Today was tough, mentally. But, this was the point today. Building mental toughness and resilience. By the second run, it was the first time on the plan I didn’t want to lace up my trainers. I’ve been scared of tempo runs, but always wanted to complete them because I know their benefits, but today, I COULDN’T BE ARSED!!!! (excuse my French).

If I run solo I usually listen to music, but for the second run I thought I would listen to a podcast to switch things up. It worked wonders actually, as I could focus on what the presenters were talking about. My pace was a little slower than the normal run. It could have been due to not having music and the tempo to motivate me, but I was running at a pace my body wanted to.

I was also able to experience ‘Flotation Life’ which I will be reviewing in a separate blog post. It’s a big tank full of water and lots of epsom salts, which is good for recovery. I actually napped during the hour treatment and it certainly helped my body!


Weekly Mileage Total – 29.5 miles 

Day 33 – Friday 2nd February 

Rest Day – my favourite day of the week 😉

Another packed out day in the PT studio. This is why Friday is my rest day, I average 7 – 10 clients on Friday’s so fitting in my running isn’t ideal. I want to ensure my clients get the most from me!

I had some really good sessions today so left the ‘office’ feeling really pleased. All clients were seeing their physical progress in the gym and saying this to me, which pleases me so much. Knowing I can help others is a very special gift.

Weekly Mileage Total – 29.5 miles 


Day 34 – Saturday 3rd February 

Parkrun! My brother is back for the weekend so joined me at Willen Lake for Milton Keynes Park Run. We met up before doing a 1 mile warm up.

The aim was to get a course PB today and possibly sub 20. I’ve only cracked sub 20 twice, at Northampton park run, which is a very flat course.

I managed park run in 20:02. I was gutted. Strava says I went through 5K in 19:46 which is a PB and my watch registered 3.15 miles so a little over 5K. It is a course PB so I accomplished what I set out to do. Could I have found those few seconds elsewhere, I’m not sure??

On reflection, I’ve decided to focus on the positives, rather than it being a failure.

  1. It’s a course PB
  2. Strava said I did 19:46 for 5K, so it is within my capabilities
  3. I’ve had a TOUGH week so far, so this is a great performance following that
  4. I gained a new 2 mile PB during the run too
  5. I achieved lots of PRs on the course
  6. This time last year I would have dreamed of 20:02

Therefore I am a lot Stronger, Fitter and Faster than before. HELLL YEAAAAAHAHHH!!

Weekly Mileage Total – 34.3 miles 


Day 35 – Sunday 4th February 

Long Run today. Mission – 90mins easy, 30 mins tempo.

The first few miles were legs felt heavy, guess that’s following yesterday’s parkrun, but after I warmed up and the main club run started I was going. The easy miles were great and then the clock went quick as I neared towards the 30 mins tempo. The tempo was quite hard as part of the club run with 100+ people but all miles were low 7s so I was really pleased. I felt strong. The strength & core work is really benefiting me and keeping good form. Another great week. Definitely in need of foam rolling and stretching tonight!!

Weekly Mileage Total – 50.3 miles 

Training Total Mileage – 217 miles 

YouTube recap of Week 5 here –