LDN Marathon Series, Week 2 – Am I Bored Already?

As you may have read in my previous blog, today was me playing catch up as I missed my long run  last week due to my course.
I was able to get in just under 9.5 miles which I was really happy with for the start of my training, especially as I haven’t run anywhere close to this in a long time. Joining different groups throughout the evening helped me not to go too fast as well. It is recommended you should run 30 seconds – 1 minute slower per mile than your predicted race pace for these longer runs.
Good start to the week 🙂
Weekly Mileage – 9.3
I’ve been suffering with a cold since Thursday of last week and I RARELY get ill. I can’t seem to shake this one off! (It’s the following Monday as I write this and it’s still not shifted – boo!).
I haven’t and I won’t allow this to put a stall to my training, as I’ve technically only just started haha. I’ve been getting quite congested at points which has led to some horrible headaches. So have been taking painkillers and sipping on Lemsip to try and get rid.
Today’s agenda = gym.
I was rushing around in the morning so hadn’t taken my kit to work with me. I thought the more tactical approach would be to go home after work, eat dinner, let that settle and then go and train. Later in the evening should be quieter in the gym, or so I thought…
I arrived a little after 8pm and it was still quite busy. I worked my way around the gym, mixing up my workout with the weights, machines and areas which were available to me.
My routine was:
3 sets x 20 reps –  Barbell Squats and Curtesy Lunges (Superset) to warm up
(A superset is two exercises back to back without rest).
4 sets x 8 reps – Leg Extensions (Heavy Weight)
3 sets x 20 reps – Kettlebell (KB) walking lunges, superset with 10 KB Deadlifts
3 x 8 Split Squats (using a bench)
I finished off with a short sprint session on the treadmill. I did intervals of 30 seconds at 15km an hour followed by 1 minute 30 of active recovery walking. I completed 5 sets before I called it quits.
At the time I did not notice my cold at all, but it hit me like a bus as soon as I stepped outside the gym and the cold air hit my lungs. My legs were shaking and I could feel the DOMS already kicking in. The sprints added up to around 1 mile in total. May as well add to my weekly mileage total!
Weekly Mileage – 10.3
I still can’t shake this cold… fantastic!
As I enjoyed last week’s yoga class so much, I booked on again and my Mum came along with me.
The class was great and I can feel already my flexibility is getting better. For me, I find yoga a great way not only to stretch out but to declutter my mind. I forget about everything outside the room and focus on myself for that whole hour.
Weekly Mileage – 10.3 
This evening I headed out for the Social Club Run with the Thursday night crew.
As I arrived I found out there was only 7 of us this evening for the run I had chosen and most people were heading out to do Intervals instead. It was a lovely chatty run and managed to clock just over 4 miles.
Weekly Mileage – 14.8
As I am now only working 4 days a week in my Freelance role, today was my first day off to work on my ‘Clean Coach Katie’ business midweek – exciting!!
I spent the morning, writing plans for clients, blogging, revising for an exam this weekend and a yoga class. The afternoon was filled with a client appointment, a couple of meetings and practice for my practical assessment. A very busy day for the first one. It left me feeling very motivated and positive for 2017 and the year ahead.

I spent the evening with Barry as he arrived home this evening from Budapest for good. We celebrated by having dinner and watching a film (rock and roll!). It’s very rare these days that we sit down together doing no work and switching off, so we took full advantage of this rarity.
Weekly Mileage – 14.8
Barry’s training for a 10K at the end of this month and 5 miles was on his training plan (which I helped put together for him) for today.
I suggested that we park up at his Mum’s and run down to ParkRun as a warm up, complete ParkRun and do a cool down running back. Between his Mum’s and ParkRun is only a mile so totalled up to 5 miles quite nicely.
The warm up mile was a steady pace and as we reached the start line I decided I was going to take ParkRun quite easy.
But does anyone else find that when you’re surrounded by others or in the midst of people you go quicker? I was swallowed up by the ParkRun rat race and found myself finishing 3rd lady – yippee! A respectable time of 25:20 and felt I had a lot more in me and my legs.
Weekly Mileage – 19.0 
I can’t tell you how happy I was to be back to my routine of Sunday running, with the club. The whole of Saturday I was hoping that the forecast was incorrect as it was due to rain.
As I woke up on Sunday morning, unfortunately the miracle I was hoping for did not happen and it was pouring down.
The run was planned as 1 hour 40 minutes and all I cared about today was time on feet. I knew 10+ miles was on the cards (if my legs carried me round that was).
As the first hour of the run started to close, my legs were starting to feel heavy. By this point I had also been able to catch up with my friend John, who I ran the St Albans half with last year. It was lovely to catch up on what we’d been up to the last few months and he really helped me through the last few miles.
I ended up on 11 miles and was super pleased as this took me up to a hefty 30 miles for the week. I also haven’t run this far since June last year so a big milestone in my training already.
The rest of Sunday was spent with family, a bit of baking and getting prepared for the week ahead.

Pretty biased, but how gorgeous is my nephew?

Basically, I sat down a fair bit and ate lots of food! What Sunday’s are made for, right?

The carnage of the baking session! 

Reflecting on this week, it’s become very apparent to me that my training will need to be varied and versatile, as I can get quite complacent and bored easily.
As the title states, no I’m not bored of my training, quite the opposite actually. But I know that to progress I will need to change up my routine in the upcoming weeks, by adding some interval sessions, running on different routes and by making sure I add in strength and conditioning work at the gym.
Weekly Mileage Total – 30  
Weeks are flying by at the moment… better give every session my all!
Big week upcoming too as I finish my last two exams of my Personal Training Course. I will be offering 1 to 1 sessions from the start of January so watch this space.