Top Tips When Eating Out

The weekend has arrived and with that comes many social plans, often including eating out.
You’ve tried really hard all week to eat well, have exercised or been to the gym and are scared to undo all your hard work with a blow-out meal.
This is how I used to feel, which is kind of upsetting.
Just because you have health or fitness goals, these should not be compromised over sharing valuable time with friends, families and loved ones.
Over the years I have found ways to eat healthier when eating out and would like to share this knowledge with.
 Clean Coach Katie’s Tips When Eating Out:

  1. If you know where you’re heading to for dinner, read the menu before entering the restaurant. Check out what is on offer and what options are available to you.
  2. If you’re in a group, order your meal first. You’re more likely to stick with your healthier choice if are the first to speak to the waiter/waitress. If you hear someone else is ordering chips before you’ve made your mind up, you’re more likely to change what you are having.
  3. When you are in the restaurant don’t be afraid to ask for things to be changed from your meal – the chef’s should be and will be flexible. Ask for the serving of sauce on the side, swap out chips for a portion of vegetables or a side salad.
  4. Ask for your food to be grilled or baked. Avoid the words ‘fried’ or ‘battered’. Eating grilled meat or fish will be cooked in a better way without additional greasy oil.
  5. Add a side of vegetables or salad to your meal. These will add volume to your dinner without extortionate calories. Creamed spinach, however, does not count! 😉
  6. Opt for water over a drink like a Coke or Lemonade. If this is too plain, ask for a Lime or Blackcurrant Cordial with soda water, as an alternative.
  7. Choose rice or a jacket potato over chips. Those sweet potatoes fries taste good, but they’re probably not home-made and deep fat fried.
  8. Don’t allow others to pass judgement on your choices. Friends should appreciate if you’re on your own personal development or health and fitness journey.
  9. And if you do end up eating dessert, don’t beat yourself up about it – enjoy it. Food is not there to make us feel guilty. Wake up the next day, drink lots of water and exercise when you can.

Hope these simple and easy tips help you out this weekend 🙂