Too Busy To Exercise?

In a world where we live our lives at 100mph, we all prioritise and choose the things we want to do or have to do first. 
Working out and eating well often gets neglected as there’s always something else to do. Work, cleaning the house, looking after the family. After a hectic day, sometimes getting to the gym is the last thing we want to do.
But let’s flip this round, our bodies enable us to complete these tasks. It provides us with the locomotion to move about and get through our daily activities. Why is it that looking after ourselves often gets neglected and is often pushed to the bottom of our priorities? 
With our busy lifestyles, this is where we have to maximise our time and potential.
Gyms nowadays, can often be an intimidating place and with the New Year rush is very off-putting.
Most of us will build up the motivation on a Monday to finally get to the gym, but when we do, it’s often without a plan and no clue on what to do whilst we’re in there. Does this sound familiar? I see people arrive looking arriving deciding what to do before spending a few minutes on the cross trainer to warm up, run on the treadmill until their mind can’t take anymore through boredom, finished by a little cool down on the bike flicking through social media.
What if I told you that training can be done within the comfort of your own home and with minimal equipment? It’s incredible how much we can challenge ourselves with our body alone and how effective a workout can really be, as long as you’re completing the right exercise.
Circuit and interval based workouts can be really beneficial in a number of ways:
1) The intensity that you’re working your body means they can be completed in a short period of time with the same if not better effect than a longer lower intense session.
2) As you push your body to its maximum you are increasing your metabolic rate and therefore the fat burning potential not only during the workout, but continue to do so after.
3) With minimal equipment required, it can completed in the comfort of your own home and without having to step into a gym environment.
4) This style of workout can be completed at a time most suitable to you and fit around your daily lifestyle, I.e. first thing in the morning, during your lunch break or even once the kids are all in bed!
If I’m short on time I put together mini circuits for myself, working for 4 minutes before resting for 1 minute. I repeat the circuit 4 times and the workout is over in 20 minutes.
The idea is to do as many of the exercises in the set in the 4 minutes of workout time.
Each round aiming to better the amount you did previously, although as time goes on, it gets harder as your body becomes tire. Giving yourself a challenge can help with motivation to really keep you pushing through!
Once you get confident you can put 2 variations of rounds and repeat each one 3 times. That’s 30 minutes of effective work and completed quicker than most of the other tasks you had sitting on your to do list.
To enjoy fitness we need to be challenged but also find it fun. Combine the routines with exercises you like and also those that you find tough, aiming to improve technique and be able to repeat more reps of that exercise in the next session. 
4 minutes work 
1 minute rest x 2 rounds 
25 Jumping Jacks 
20 Alternate Lunges
15 Bodyweight Squats 
10 Mountain Climbers 
5 Burpees 
4 minutes work 
1 minute rest x 2 rounds 
30 seconds Wall Sit
10 Press Ups 
15 Glute Bridges 
20 Crunches 
25 Air Punches 
Combine these workouts with a nutritious diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean sources of protein such as meat & eggs, adding starchy carbohydrates such as rice, oats and potatoes around your workout meals and you’ll begin to question why you didn’t start this sooner?
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