Tony Farmer – Overcoming MS & the Journey to a New Life – Client Testimonial


Ten years ago I was diagnosed with MS. It is a crippling illness that affects your nervous system, having an impact on everything from your mental health to your balance and therefore your ability to walk.

At first I carried on working but as time went on it was getting obvious I was struggling so I didn’t have much choice, I had to retire.

Initially this saddened me because I did not want to just sit at home and become a couch potato. So I decided to turn everything around, fulfil all my dreams by writing a bucket list of everything I have ever wanted to do.

One of the things on my list was to get fit. But I tried everything; dieting, medications, but nothing really worked. Until I met Katie…

Katie helped build my confidence as I was really worried at first. Starting PT was like a first day at school, I was petrified. Completely out of my comfort zone. Katie completely put me at ease. First of all we found out what was even possible for my body, then we made weekly plans to continually progress and improve.

Katie has completely changed my life. After a few months, my walking has massively improved, even my friends have noticed the difference in my balance. I have never been fitter in my life and I am also really enjoying my day to day life, despite having a debilitating illness.

In fact, I have achieved so much I won’t let anything stop me now. I am now doing pilates and playing golf on a regular basis. I just wish I had met Katie sooner!!!!!!!

I am loving my new found quality of life and my retirement.

Thank you very much Katie.