‘Tis the Season of Indulgence

It’s now December and Christmas is only a matter of weeks away. For a lot of people the festive season starts very early, in fact, for some it started way back in November. And with that, comes not only Santa, his presents and his sleigh, but the mince pies, advent calendars, Christmas meals, bubbly, bucks fizz, work Christmas parties, roses/celebrations tins, and so on and so on, you get where I’m going, right?
I can guarantee a lot of people out there are thinking, forget the diet, I’ll start in January. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways of being smart during the month of December, plus Christmas is only one day! Don’t get me wrong, I’m making sure I enjoy the festivities, but using other strategies to not go overboard in the next few weeks.
Here’s some of Clean Coach Katie’s top tips for staying healthy during the festive period:

  1. BALANCE YOUR PLATE Balance out the chocolate, with lots of nutrient dense food throughout the day. Ensure your main meals include a source of protein, such as chicken, fish, lean red meat or beans. Alongside a source of carbohydrate such as rice or sweet potato and finish with leafy green veg or salad. Your body will thank you for the combination of both chocolate and veg!
  2. DON’T SKIP MEALS OR STARVE If you know you have a big meal out in the evening. I suggest eating two or three smaller balanced meals during the day but lowering your calorie intake to allow for the extra sugar and calories later that day.
  3. DON’T STRESS – If you do have a big blow out or have a boozy one, forget about it and move on. Drink plenty of water the next day, making sure you eat lots of fruit and veg to restore all of the vitamins and minerals.
  4. THINK before mindlessly nibbling your way through the Roses and Quality Street Tin. Are you eating them because they are sitting next to you in the office, or are you just bored? Eat when you want something and savour it. In just 3 quality streets alone, there is around 130 calories, 19g carbs and of that is 16g of sugar (about 4 teaspoons)!
  5. STAY ACTIVE as the cold weather sets in, it’s very tempting to hibernate indoors and only leave the house when you have to. Aim to exercise around 3 times a week for at least half an hour. My suggestions are to book in for a workout class with a friend if you are lacking in motivation, wrap up warm and go for a half hour brisk walk outdoors, set up a tablet or laptop and complete a workout at home. There is plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and YouTube. Search for ‘home workout’ ‘HIIT workout’ or ‘exercise routines at home’ for help. I’ll be following this Blog Post up shortly with some of my favourite YouTube fitness bloggers, so look out for that one.
  6. FESTIVE HANGOVERS I can guarantee there will be plenty of these around in December. Instead of waking up and reaching for something starchy or sugary, aim to eat a meal centred around protein such as eggs. The big fry up or toast you make yourself to beat the headache, will only give you a huge sugar rush before suddenly crashing in a few hour’s time leaving you want more carbs and sugars. If you keep your blood sugar level more even throughout the day, it should help with energy levels and the sudden urges or cravings for fatty foods.
  7. STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM to keep those wintery colds and coughs at bay. You don’t want to be experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) at any point. So, stock up on seasonal vegetables like kale, white cabbage, Brussel sprouts, beetroot and sweet potato. Daily I also like to take a Vitamin C tablet in a glass of water. I pick up one of these tubes for under £2 in Aldi. I used to buy tablets from Holland and Barrett for around £10 a container, but after looking at the contents, they contained the same level of Vitamin C. Don’t always be fooled by pretty packaging!!
  8. BEAT THE BLOAT  alcohol, fizzy drinks and sugary food can leave us feeling lethargic, bloated and pretty horrible. I bet you also didn’t know that veg high in fibre, such as broccoli also can leave us feeling quite bloated and puffy. The only way to combat bloat, is guzzle down water, avoid any alcohol or fizzy drinks the next day and cut back on food high in salt. Eat food slowly to allow your body to digest and eat smaller portions and more often.
  9. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION I am such a believer in having balance around food. Food was put on earth to ‘fuel’ our bodies and is something that is quite often forgotten. Eat when you’re hungry, fuel yourself with food from a range of food groups and enjoy Christmas. It’s about spending time with loved ones and is a really happy season. I can’t wait to spend time with the people I love and it’s honestly one of my favourite times of the Year.
  10. MAKE A PLAN FOR JANUARY if you are going to relax over the next few weeks, then now is the time to start making plans for January. Set yourself some New Years resolutions, plan out how you’re going to achieve your goals and if you are wanting to improve your health and nutrition then there is no better time than today to think about how you want to do that.

I hope that these few pointers help you to enjoy Christmas with less guilt.
Remember it’s a time to be happy, joyful and grateful 🙂
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