The Marathon Academy


Join the Marathon Academy – a 5 month group training programme to help you prepare physically and mentally for an Autumn Marathon. To be on that start line knowing you gave it your best shot and feeling the strongest and fittest you’ve ever felt.

Do you need support with structure in your training plan?

Do you want a coach but feel coaching is not an affordable option for you?

Do you want to feel strong during your block but also on race day?

Do you want to enjoy training, be accountable and be on that start line knowing you’ve given it your best shot?

Do you want to reach that start line injury free?

Do you lack in self belief and confidence ahead of the marathon?


The Running Hub Marathon Academy 2022 is a group coaching programme aimed at runners targeting a marathon in the Autumn. We will be looking at events in September or October time such as Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Chester.

We have alway known the power of Community in running however this proved exactly why athletes working together with common goals can achieve more. You may be aware of the workings of The Running Hub but if not you’re about to find out a whole lot more.

The Running Hub is a place of support, encouragement and knowledge. Along with our live Stretch, HIIT and Strength & Core Classes which can be caught up with on our on demand service the Hub offers so much more in the sense of membership and belonging. We’ve taken all the best parts of the Hub and bought together The Marathon Academy.


Bi-weekly plan with different levels to accommodate those who have enrolled

Own dedicated space in Hub Platform

Running Hub Membership (worth £24.99 a month) – with access to 3 live classes a week

On Demand Workout library to help you become a stronger runner and prevent injury

Academy Group Chat to share the training journey with

Monthly Zoom with Coaches – Q&A sessions and opportunity to make adjustments to the plan for you

Accountability to the coaches and the group

Access to Coaches for all training advice

Group to Train with Together and reach the common goal as one

Experience and wealth of knowledge of current community members

The Running Hub gave me structure, accountability and opened my eyes to a variety of paces in my running rather than running at just one pace for everything!

It has given me the confidence and belief through the training, support and community to drive forward and achieve my goals.

For London, I was able to go from a casual 5k runner to being comfortably able to run a marathon with now an aim for a much improved time in Paris and just generally feeling fitter and stronger in myself and my training. Dan Balsdon

London Marathon – my childhood dream. I’ve been coaching with Katie for some time now, together, we have achieved many “goals” – mostly time and in the case of ultra’s completion together with an element of fun. 
The remarkable thing about Katie is that she is able to hone in on these feelings, even when you are saying the “right” things, she is able unpick what it is you are thinking to make your goals about what you *want* to achieve, not what you *think* you should achieve. 

I ran THE London Marathon and had THE time of my life… even after 26.2 miles I didn’t want it to end. So much so, one of the finish stewards told me my smile couldn’t get any bigger, but they would have to move me along! I felt strong, in body and mind, knowing I was going to make it a race I will never forget. Mission accomplished – without Katie and the guidance it wouldn’t have been half the race I wanted it to be. Naomi Avery

Katie was my ‘game changer’ in my marathon journey and I can’t thank her enough 🥰

From a PB of 4:26 to a 3:58 in my first training block with Katie as my coach, earning me my GFA to run London, which then led me to run Chicago and then to run Boston.

Now on the road to time qualify for New York and can’t wait to see what she has in store for me this training cycle. Sadie Galvin