The Importance of a Coach.

10 Reason why as a Coach, I have my own Coach too.

Back in 2017 I was preparing for the London Marathon. I’d already trained for a Marathon twice, but had only made it to the start line once.

I had devised my own plan and followed it loosely. Changing things around to fit in with daily life and if lacking in motivation I would either skip or run or move it to another day. Now this plan did work in one sense, as I achieved a Good For Age Spot for this year, but there was just something missing.

Fast forward to 2019. I’ve achieved multiple PBs over every single distance and a half marathon time quick enough to qualify me for a 2019/2020 Championship Start Spot for the London Marathon and a New York Marathon Good For Age place.

What’s my secret?…

Having a Coach.

Some people find this bizarre as I am a Coach and Personal Trainer myself, but having my own coach takes the pressure off of me and can leave me to focus on my own clients.

Here’s 10 reasons why I have a coach of my own.



I don’t have to write my plan

I don’t have to think, I just have to train. It means I have more time to focus on other things and someone writes it for me.



I’m pushed further

If I was to devise my own plan, it would be a lot easier than mine currently is. I often laugh at the plan when it’s been updated. There are times that I have to run which I don’t think are capable, but obviously my coach believes in me enough that I can. On most days I would opt for an easier run than an interval or tempo session, so when my coach tells me to push outside my comfort zone, I have to – it’s on the plan.



Constant support

I can’t text or call an online downloadable plan if I don’t understand a session or if I need some extra motivation or reassurance. James helps me on days I am high but also days when I’m down. Support, motivation, encouragement and advice can’t be received from a ‘generic’ plan.




This is one of the biggest benefits of having a coach.  They hold you accountable to your workouts. I RARELY miss a session because of this, and if I do miss a session, there’s usually a very good reason for it. I think in the last few years I’ve missed a handful of session due to illness or injury. If it’s on my plan – then it gets done!




My week is structured around my races/targets and provides me with something I can follow. There is purpose and reason behind every session and is progressive to ensure I achieve the best I can from the plan.




My coach ensures that the plan fits around me and my lifestyle. Fridays are usually my busiest days so these tend to be rest days. If I have double run days, James checks with me and my diary to ensure it’s feasible for me to fit the training in around my own clients and work.

My pace and distance is also relative to me and my goals and progress. My coach knows me well and make sure my plan will get the most and best out of me.



Knows my strengths and weaknesses

He knows where I can excel but also what things I need to work on and improve on. This affects my training plan and what my sessions look like and what I need to work on in the gym.



Adapting the plan

Having a coach to support you throughout the training journey is key to progress. My plan changes if my week does and if I progress further then my plan is tailored to this. At the start of half marathon training plan in September 2017, my PB stood at 1:45 and I was targeting 1:37. Half way into the plan, my coach recognised I was doing better so we changed the goal to 1:34, which I absolutely nailed. (This now stands at 1.29)



Believing in me, when I often don’t believe in myself.  

Having someone having faith in you is the most powerful tool in a coach-client relationship. Having someone believe in you, can ‘almost’ make you believe in yourself too. This gives you the confidence to complete your plan, achieve results on race day and continually be hungry for more!



Results, PBs, Trophies.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without my coach and ultimately having someone coach and guide you with expertise and knowledge can only bring out the best in you.


So, if you’re ever wondering if you think you should have a Coach? I would urge you to do so! It will be the best decision you ever make!


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