Team CCK storm through London on the hottest day on record!

Team CCK took the streets of London on Sunday for the Marathon. What a scorcher it was. I asked them all to send me a summary of their day and what it meant to them…

Ben Munns

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The London Marathon was everything I imagined it to be and then some. The crowd, the cheers, the music and atmosphere were electric. It was the hottest London Marathon ever so conditions were brutal and it proved a real baptism of fire for my first marathon. After a tough final 5 Miles with cramp in my calf and seeing people dropping out all around me I couldn’t have finished any prouder in a time of 3 hours and 41minutes. I think I experienced the full spectrum of marathon emotions and I can’t wait to get my name in the ballot next week for a chance to do it all over again.


Georgina McNulty

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Sunday was my 6th london and the toughest! Conditions were brutal so I had to slow my pace to finish. I am not disappointed just have to keep going to get that GFA next year.


Mikey Lacey 


The crowds of London were everything and more that I hoped for. All the excitement you get from watching on tv is ramped up 100 times, this was not a year for times, the sun was brutal and relentless. Friendships were made out on that course with strangers helping each other through the greatest marathon on its hottest day. The tired legs will fade, I want another crack… London we have unfinished business.


Suzanne Sharp


As I stood waiting to start my first ever Marathon I couldn’t quite believe the conditions I was about to run in.  None of my training had really prepared me for this heat.  So many thoughts began to run through my head.  Would I cope? How would I cope? Would I do it? Anyone who knows me knows I have 3 amazing friends that I train with but on this occasion only 2 of us were doing London but both starting in different zones.  The likelihood of running together was slim if non existent so I mentally prepared myself to do this on my own. Miraculously just after Mile 9 we found each other.  We tackled the course & the heat together. We laughed, we cried and we made memories we will never forget.  By the end I had answered my own questions. Yes I’d cope and yes I would do it.  Would I do it again ………. ABSOLUTELY


Angela Irving 


Having trained in the snow, ice, rain and sub zero temperatures to then have to run in the hottest London Marathon on record was not part of the plan! I adapted my race, time was no longer an issue it was now about crossing that finishing line! I respected the distance, I drank and doused myself in water as much as I needed but most importantly I listened to what my body was telling me. I ran when I could and walked if I needed too…I made it across that line with my friend and running buddy Suzanne, it was the most amazing experience and I would love to do it all again!

Vicky Owens


It was an awesome and amazing day! Memories I’ll never forget. My time was way slower, but I did it and I’ve learnt a lot about what I need to do to fix it for next time. Still proud I did it!


Debs Miller


My capable training time went out the window but with plenty of near by runners needing medical intervention I just wanted to get round. Super proud…It was a race of real mental challenges and some of the images I cannot shift.


These lot are the true hero’s from Sunday!