The Road To London – Week 1 of Marathon Training

So here we are, the day we’ve been waiting for… London Marathon training has officially begun.

My plan is set, I am ready to go, and so we begin.

I’ve recently filmed a video on what my plans are for my running in 2018, so if you’ve yet to watch it and are curious about what races I have lined up and how I plan to train for this marathon, then you can watch it here…

Each week I plan on putting together a video of my training to document the process and also write a weekly summary on what I’ve been up to…

Week 1

Monday – 1st January – New Years Day

In previous years, I’ve spent the 1st of January in bed, with a hangover. However, this year was different. My training plan started off with 13.1 miles – yes that’s correct, a half marathon.

As it was New Years Day, I was eager to do the double park run and my coach therefore suggested a half marathon distance.

The plan was to meet a group of people from the club at Willen Lake, run to Linford Wood, do that park run, run back to Willen and do the Willen Parkrun. Once I had got back to Willen I was up to 9 miles. I had taken the previous 9 quite steady and the idea was to go ‘all out’ for the second park run. I managed a time of 21 minutes which isn’t too bad on heavy legs. I think the thought of running effort after running for 1 hour 15 already played with my head.

A mile cool down helped to round up to the 13.1 needed for the day. Average pace of 8 minutes per miles – happy days!


Weekly Mileage Total – 13.1 miles 

Tuesday – 2nd January 

Today’s run was a speed session. My legs were quite heavy last night so foam rolled, stretched and was very glad to wake up feeling a lot less tighter.

Although, I did wake up with a blocked nose and sore throat. I’d been pretty chuffed I had not caught anything over the festive period, but was not going to let this stop me. I like to head out early and get these types of workouts done, so I did an hour or so of work first thing, and headed out the door.

During my 1 mile warm up, I quickly remembered I had not done a session like this in quite a while. I wasn’t sure if I should feel excited or nervous.

This session was, 6 x 800m reps. The idea was to find a pace I could keep up for all 6 repetitions. I had around 1 minute recovery in between and was able to average at 6.07 min/per mile pace which I was over the moon with. Because I paused my watch in between, my watch bleeped a new 5K  PB after the session – oops! Will need to make sure I can run that time in the not so distance future for a continuous 5K.

A mile cool down saw me up to 5 miles for the day.

Later in the afternoon I took myself to the gym for a strength session. The focus was on hamstrings and glutes, squats, deadlifts etc. You get the idea!

I then headed off to the PT studio for the first lot of 121 clients sessions for 2018 woooo.

Benefits of speed sessions!

Weekly Mileage Total – 18.1 miles 

Wednesday – 3rd January 

Today was an easy run – 5.6 miles banked. At first I was reluctant to head out due to Storm Eleanor, but once I was out there I actually really enjoyed it. Just me, myself and my playlist booming through my Aftershockz.

After a busy morning in the PT studio this was just what I needed for a bit of me time.

A 30 minute Sports Massage with Rudi at The Treatment Lab  followed by an epic Core Class – great first class of 2018.

More information on classes here – Fitness Classes


Weekly Mileage Total – 23.7 miles 

Thursday – 4th January 

After an early start in the studio and clients up until lunch time, not one part of me wanted to do today’s run.

On the plan was a Tempo run, for any of those unsure on what this is, all I can say is that these runs HURT. You have to put yourself in a state of running comfortably uncomfortable which is quite a difficult thing to get your ahead around.

My tempo runs should just under 7 minute mile pace. Ask me to run at 6.30s or 8’s, fine, but 7s, hell no, I struggle!

Before I left the house, I tried to come up with every excuse possible:

I’m tired
It’s windy outside (it really was!)
My shin hurts
I’ve not had lunch yet
I’ve got work to do

Excuses don’t run marathons, so off I went. I picked a route I knew was 4 miles and then remembered the elevation is not too kind in parts, and paired with the wind, made this run challenging. It was a mental battle towards the end and I felt a little deflated that I was still a few seconds off of Half Marathon target pace. If I could barely hold this pace for 4 miles, how could I do it for another 9.1??

But, then I have to remember, this is training and this is why I’m doing it.

Run put behind me, I continued with my day.

Rudi from the Treatment Lab and I put on two workshops this evening on Foam Rolling and Stretching. It was great to go through the correct techniques of rolling and talk through the various stretches we all should be doing as runners. A lovely evening and what makes what I do so enjoyable 🙂


Weekly Mileage Total – 27.7 miles 

Friday – 5th January 

REST – wooo!

Friday is usually my busiest day with 121 PT clients so I usually keep this as my rest day.

I was tired and therefore hungry for most of the day! But some awesome PT sessions kept my mood uplifted 🙂

Weekly Mileage Total – 27.7 miles 

Saturday – 6th January

Originally I was down to race the County Champs Cross Country in Biggleswade. But it was my nephew’s first birthday yesterday and his party was today (which meant there was a clash!). Family over XC and it also meant CAKE!! Plus I’d bought him some super cool vans which I wanted to give to him. After all the toys he got over Christmas, my sister was relieved, I’d opted for a sensible present.

In the morning I went out to parkrun instead. Milton Keynes has two so we are spoilt for choice. I opted for Linford Wood today, which a course I have only done three times before. My Course PB was 24 minutes as I’ve never run it at full effort. I fancied a change of scenery over Willen for some reason. I find you can get too familiar with one course and I wanted to challenge myself.

I did a short warm up. Which wasn’t as long as I wanted, only due to the fact that when I arrived and parked my car, I had pulled up next to a lady who was doing her first ever park run. So I walked down to the start with her as she had no clue where she was going. I’d love to how she got on but didn’t get to catch her name. I hope she enjoyed it and returns again soon. It was lovely to meet someone doing their first one! We all were that person at one point.

I was super chuffed with my time today – 20:43, a new course PB, 1st Lady and 9th place overall. I’ve never come in the top 10 – WOW.

It felt tough in parts and the cold/cough I caught earlier in the week was making my breathing harder. But pleased with that pace once I had finished. Another session boxed off, and a day off for me ahead.

Weekly Mileage Total – 32.3 miles 

Sunday 7th January 

Long Sunday runs begin. 

I went out with the club for some easy enjoyable miles and the only option was 80 minutes today from the MK Dons Stadium.

Today was a really chatty run, talking to various people on the way round. It was a frosty but clear morning and the sunshine made an appearance.

I finished on 9.5 miles and felt great. It was lovely to see so many other people doing so well and I walked away full of endorphins and with a huge smile on my face.

Thank you to Redway Runners for creating such a brilliant community and support network.

I stopped for coffee with the Boothbys, Steph and many others before running a few errands and to refuel.

Finishing the week on 41.8 miles and possibly my highest mileage week ever.


Weekly Mileage Total – 41.8 miles 

(Coach informed me after that 40 miles will be my staple week of training – eeeeekk!)

I’ve also put together a short video of my week in training for those interested. You can watch it here.

YouTube Link –


Thanks for reading and will catch up with you all next week.

Clean Coach Katie xx