Week 3 -Surround yourself with what inspires you

imageI never realised the influence of others until a few days ago. I myself, follow many online fitness bloggers via a variety of social media streams. These are people who inspire me and who I look to for new ideas on workouts, exercise tips and nutrition. I never thought that through this page I may have also done the same for others. A few people have approached me and said that they’ve wanted to set new goals or begin running again through what I’ve been posting. I really began to re-evaluate the power of others and took my own time out to think about what influences me.
Losing my Mum at a young age, although it has been hard, has made me determined to reach for bigger and better in every aspect of my life. Despite her not being physically here, I know she is and has been with me every step of the way in. My Dad and Step Mum have also been very influential in my life. They have never pushed my siblings or I towards a particular pathway or career but have always supported us fully in what we’ve wanted to do. They both have their own businesses and their determination to make these succeed has shown us that you have to work hard for what you want to earn. They have taught us to be the best we can be and, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I hope that my achievements (no matter how small they are) make them proud.
On Friday I managed to reach a key milestone within a project at my job. When you’ve worked so hard for something and succeed, there is no feeling like it. The time, dedication, commitment and effort has all paid off! I and I’m sure others can relate this to running. People commit weeks and months on end to a particular race, only for a matter of minutes or hours, however, we all have our influences and motivations to get us to the point.
I’ve turned a leaf with my training this week. Nothing much has changed, however, my attitude has… The enjoyment factor is back and I’m excited for where this journey has taken me already, so much so, that I’ve signed up for another 10k in May. The Vitality 10,000 in London on the second May bank holiday. Another medal to enhance to the collection and more miles to add to the memories.
This weekend I took some time out to visit my grandparents in London. It’s been lovely to relax and spend some quality time with them. On Saturday morning I took a walk round to the gym not far from their house and spent a whole session on stretching and conditioning. Something I’ve always said I’d include in my training plan but failed to actually carry out. Rest and recovery is so important and always overlooked. Using the light weights and mat section I worked on my core and stretching out my leg muscles. The walk there and back was refreshing. In Milton Keynes I find you have to take your car to get around to most places, however, in London it’s much easier to walk or get the tube. Saturday afternoon featured cardio in the form of retail therapy with Nan and a family meal in the evening with lots of carbs to fuel my run the next day.
This morning I managed to persuade my Uncle Mark to run with me on my Sunday run. Mark has also completed the London Marathon and we both ran the winter 10k in January this year, which saw us both achieve new PB’s. He was a little apprehensive before we set off, thinking that I would leave him to eat my dust, however, not knowing the area enough, I actually was following his lead. We woke up early, had some porridge, a cup of coffee and off we went. 1 hour flew past and 7 miles later we’d manoeuvred our way around West London and ended up back at Nan’s full of endorphin’s and ready for the day ahead. Before I set off back to Milton Keynes, Mark also recommended a book which he thought I may be interested in. It’s by an author, Christopher McDougall, called Born to Run and is based on his own experiences. It’s been considered a bestseller by the New York Times so I’m expecting it to be an interesting read. Depending on how quick I read it, maybe I can let you know what it’s like?
On a final note, seeing as this blog keeps me accountable (or the other hand can expose me), last Sunday I set myself some small goals for Week 3. I can proudly say that I have not over indulged on chocolate, ran my planned 16 miles and gave 100% during every gym session. Time to set fresh new goals for the week ahead.
p.s. I’ve added an about me page and recipe section if you hadn’t already seen, I think I’m starting to get used to this blogging thing!