Super Sue (Mrs B) – Injured to Invincible – Client Testimonial


I had been running for almost 18 months when I first met Katie but was on the subs bench injured. My foray into running had not been going particularly well, as I spent more of it injured than able. I had however in a moment of injury free madness signed up for The Big Half (having never run further than 5 miles), how on earth was I going to manage that?

So, after one of the Club Sunday runs (I was on tail bike duties) I started to chat to Katie about the fact I’d entered, but was injured, and could she help? Of course, Katie being Katie said yes, she could, we could work on getting my strength and fitness to a good level, so that when I could run again I would be in a much better place, and that is how my journey with Katie started.

So, I became a CCK client, loved it from the off! Katie was so understanding, she listened to what I had to say, what I wanted to achieve, and formed a training plan around this. We started with basic strength work, she assessed how bad my mobility was and what I was capable of, that first session wasn’t easy, but I felt so brilliant after, went home and raved about how good Katie was, and how much I was looking forward to going back, it was, in a word a revelation.


My first run back was at a beginners session, helping out, best feeling ever! I felt stronger and was raring to give a proper run a go.

Along with doing PT with Katie I also started to go to her Core & Circuit sessions as well, again these were just so much fun, hard work but fun. I really started to notice a general change in my overall fitness and mobility and was just really wanting to get back out there on a proper run, so I made the decision to enter a race, the Bournemouth 5k in October, so now I had a purpose. Katie was there every step of the way, advising, and just keeping my motivation up, and believing in my abilities. The race came, I was terrified, I hadn’t run 5 k in such a long time, but I did it, in my head I had Katie telling me I could, so I did!  The confidence I got from that was immense, it made me want to run again, and I know that without Katie I would never of had that belief in myself.

Well, now the real work was about to start, I had a Half marathon to train for!!

Every step of the way, Katie was there, from PT, to nutrition, to a shoulder to cry on when runs didn’t go well, and when I took a dip in confidence, she got me there, that’s the thing about Katie she is always there, and she’s real and genuine, and she cares.

Now it’s time for The Big Half, I’m prepared, I followed Katie’s excellent plan, I knew I could do this, Katie knew I could do this, let’s do this!! Yes, I did it, unfortunately it wasn’t the race I had hoped for, it wasn’t the time I had hoped for, how was I going to tell Katie? I felt like not only had I let myself down, but Katie too, all that work, all that training…. but Katie being Katie was so supportive and understanding and reminded me that only 6 months before I wasn’t even running, and I had just completed a half!!!

So, I took that half, and I’ve put it away. I have  continued to work with Katie, and got my confidence back, and I’ve been consistently achieving PB’s over 5k, getting a 30.16 5k time at The MK Rocket in May, which compares to just over 39 minutes in October at Bournemouth! Getting quicker over longer runs, and enjoying running again, none of this would have happened without Katie believing in me and my abilities, she knows I can do it, therefore I can!! Next up is London Vitality 10000 at the end of May, looking forward to that as I’ve never ran a 10k race before, and then to get rid of those Big Half demons, The Bedford Half in September. I’ll be carrying on with Katie, because working with her has become an integral part of my life. I have a long way to go with my running, but I know that with the support that Katie gives I’ll achieve what I want to achieve, and she’ll be with me every step of the way.

CCK is just one of those rare people out there, genuine, aware of her own foibles, but always, always there for her clients, and will always do the very best for each and everyone of them. She is one of the nicest, most hard working and kindest people I have had the honour to have met.