Spring Marathon Sponsored Athletes 2019

After the success of the Spring Marathon Sponsored Athlete Programme in 2018, Rudi from the Treatment Lab and I decided to do the same again for 2019.

We also approached Up & Running, Milton Keynes to see if they would like to be involved and they jumped at the chance and said YES!

Applications opened for a period of two weeks and we had over 60 runners apply for the two positions.

The Athletes would be able to benefit from the following as part of the programme:

Monthly Sport Massages with Rudi with extra sessions leading up to race day

Monthly PT sessions, weekly core classes and a training plan from Clean Coach Katie

Gait analysis and a free pair of trainers up to the value of £120. Nutritional advice and race day nutrition from Up & Running.

Ongoing support from all three to achieve the best on race day including training advice, nutrition support and coaching throughout the process

The selection process was a tough one with the calibre and sheer volume of applications we had received. As a team we wanted to work with a female and male athlete and also one runner taking on their first marathon and one trying to improve on a previous experience.

The lucky winners have recently been notified and both gladly accepted their places onto the programme.


We are very excited to announce our athletes to you…


Katie Elmer 

Target Race – London Marathon 2019

image1 (1)

My names Katie Elmer, I’m 33 (soon enough) and mum to Emily & Jake. I live with my partner Ben & we’ve been together for 13 years.

I joined Redway Runners in January 2017 as a beginner not being able to run for 30 seconds, my aim was a 10K race in August which I completed.

Fast forward to this time last year & I felt like running wasn’t for me, I didn’t feel like I was improving & in fact felt slower.

On the 1st January this year after park run I saw a photo of myself that changed the way I was thinking, I decided to concentrate on running more & eating healthy, before I knew it I was absolutely loving running & everything about it.

I completed the same 10K race this year & knocked 17 minutes off my time set the year before. I completed my first half marathon in May 2018 & I enjoyed every single step!

I had always said I would only ever consider running one marathon & that would be London.

After the 4th year of applying the charity I founded in memory of my daughter Emily won a place in the ballot & everything pointed at me to take that place & run it for her…

When I saw the applications open for the sponsored athlete program open I knew I had to apply, after seeing the help & support Sally got last year through the program I knew it was something that too could help me.

When I opened up the “congratulations email” I burst into tears…

Having their belief that I can do this means so much, it’s going to be hard work but also enjoyable to complete a dream for myself in memory of my daughter

Watch out London, I’m coming for you!!

Mikey Lacey 

Target Race – Manchester Marathon 2019


I am 38, married with a 6 year old daughter. My running journey began in 2014 when myself and around 100 others ran the MK Half & Full Marathon on behalf of a charity called Team George, which was set up by our 2 friends who lost their newborn son.

As many have done before, I did everything wrong in the build up, too much too soon, pushing through pain and ended up getting myself injured. The 2 months before the run I never got further than 5 miles, I considered pulling out but am too stubborn for that. I made it round on the day but knew I could do better. I  then stopped running and went back to playing football, I did the MK half again in 2015 and was happy with my time, I again stopped running and went back to playing football and didn’t run for 18 months.

2017 – my aging years and poor fitness meant that football was coming to an end, so again I thought the MK half would help. I put in the same training as 2015, but it didn’t come as easy this time, I struggled, I hated it. Instead of stopping after this, I thought ‘I’m going to up the training!’ – again I got injured! I visited Rudi and he helped me sort the problem, he also recommended Katie’s core class.

This is when things changed. I always had the motivation to get myself out the door but lacked knowledge on keeping myself fit. I joined the Redway Runners, I made friends, it made the runs easier and more enjoyable. Running became a happy habit. Consistency, intervals and core work, all three of these together helped me get fitter. I decided that it was now or never and entered myself into the London Marathon for 2018. It had always been a dream, but I always thought it would stay a dream.

Training went better than I could have hoped, I stayed injury free, I enjoyed my long runs, I made more friends, I PB’d at every distance. I finally felt like a runner rather than a retired footballer trying to lose weight!. Race day came, along with the sun! I was naive with how much it would effect me. I struggled, it was painful but I got round and had an amazing day. I wanted to do it again!

So we come to now, I’ve kept up my running after London, I entered Manchester marathon as my target race, it’s my chance to get a time I could be proud of. Then I got the news that I would be the CCK/Treatment Lab/Up and Running sponsored athlete. I am honestly so excited by this, to have the support and knowledge of the team can only help me. I watched Sally and Ben’s journey last year, I was in awe of Ben’s times, he seemed to get quicker with every run, I read his blogs trying to find his secret! I then started reading Sally’s blog, her struggles with injury resonated with me, her stubbornness to not give up and mental strength throughout made me wish I could be that strong!

I am so excited by what 2019 can bring, Manchester I am coming for you!


Two very inspiring stories and one thing they have in common is determination! Rudi, Dionne and I can’t wait to begin our work with the athletes and kickstart the process.  Each athlete will be documenting their journey through a blog. When we have more details we will share these with you.