Sponsored Athletes – Spring Marathon 2018

A few months back Rudi from the Treatment Lab and I came up with the fabulous idea of sponsoring 2 x Athletes to run a Spring Marathon in 2018.

Applications opened for a period of two weeks and we had over 50 runners apply for the two positions.

The Athletes would be able to benefit from the following as part of the programme:

– Regular Sport Massages with Rudi

– An initial screening and consultation from Rudi to analyse current form and offer advice

– Strength & Conditioning sessions with myself to build strength and power required for the distance and endurance

– Free access to core classes which I hold every Wednesday evening

– Access to a training plan if required

– Ongoing support to achieve the best on race day including training advice, nutrition support and to coach both through the process


The selection process was a tough one with the calibre and sheer volume of applications we had received. It felt like we were on the XFactor trying to decide who to take through to the live shows!

The lucky winners have recently been notified and both gladly accepted their places onto the programme.

We are very excited to announce our athletes to you…

Sally Green 

Target Race – Milton Keynes Marathon 2018


Hi, my name is Sally Green, I’m 35 years young, married with two boys aged 15 & 9. I work full time, so my socialising gets left for the evenings and weekends. I love shopping and days out with the family.

I gave up running back in 1998 when I left school. I was running for two counties Indoor and Outdoor school championships. I guess that’s where my competitiveness to myself comes from as I didn’t like coming second!

I joined Redway Runners in January this year to coax myself back into the one thing I loved doing, running. I haven’t looked back since and my journey continues… I’ve always wanted to be able to say I’ve ran a marathon even if I only ever do it once. I applied for a ballot place for London, like most runners that entered. I didn’t get through so Milton Keynes was always option two. In a way, I am pleased, as it’s a local race and know I will have all the support from all my friends & family and of course the mass of support from Redway Runners.

So, when I saw a post about becoming a Spring Marathon sponsored athlete, I never filled an application out so fast in my life. I wanted to win but was shocked when I saw the ‘congratulations post’.

I think my grin from ear to ear at that time was like winning the lottery to some. I know with the support and guidance from Clean Coach Katie & Rudi from the Treatment Lab, they will help me become a better runner and to help to coach and train my body to run and to remain positive. The support will be key and I know I’m going to have this every step of this journey.

I feel privileged and excited.

Bring on 7th May 2018!

Ben Munns

Target Race – London Marathon 2018


2017 has been a life changing year for me in many ways, I married the women of my dreams on the 3rd of August and went on the perfect honeymoon. But to go back to when my running journey began we need to rewind a little.

I remember it well, September 2016 NSPCC 10k. Not my first 10k by any means but having run only 36 miles that year I decided to sign up last minute. I saw Neville Rowles at the start line and he was telling me the benefits of joining the Redway Runners, I wasn’t really that keen and lacked the motivation at the time. When I finished in a new best time of 54:32 I was happy with my work, then I saw Nev, 44 mins or so was his time and I just could not compute how this was possible.

Fast forward to the Festival of Running in March 2017, another winter had passed with no running and I had signed up for another Half Marathon. I remember the flooded underpass at mile 1, wearing too many layers, the heavy wind, poor pacing, seeing Nev cheering at the Redway station and then the 2hr pace setter overtaking me near the finish. I finished a broken man in 2hr 2mins and enough was enough – I was running with Redway Runners the very next week.

With the motivation of the wedding coming up everything changed and I was hooked. All my records came tumbling down and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made.

5k – 25:25 down to 19:58

10k – 54:32 down to 44:19

Half – 2:02:52 down to 1:43

This year was the first time I watched the London Marathon with a new perspective and appreciation as to how hard a feat it is to run such a distance. The much publicized clip whereby a fellow runner helped another exhausted one across the line just showed what an event it is and I had to be a part of it.

I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected by Katie & Rudi as part of the programme, I am really looking forward to working on my endurance for long runs and core strength more than anything else….Maybe the diet too. I set my half marathon time of 1:43 way back on the 1st of May and haven’t been able to beat it since, I know I’m such a stronger runner than then, with every other PB improving. I feel like a have a great support network with the club as well with Maff, Jen, Julie and the rest of the 5am Brickhills crew so its just a case of bringing it all together. My longest run to date is only 16miles back in the summer so I can’t wait to see what the training plan will bring!

Inspiring stories and journeys from both athletes so far. Rudi and I can’t wait to begin our work with the athletes and begin the process! Each athlete will be documenting their journey through a blog. When we have more details we will share these with you 🙂

Both Rudi and I are also training for Spring Marathons, and I will be video blogging ‘vlogging’ my personal experiences in the lead up to London. I will capture some sessions with Sally and Ben too to share all our journeys which will be over on YouTube.