Sadie Hursey… The Manchester Machine – Client Testimonial

Client Spotlight – Sadie Hursey


“I started training with Katie last summer when she introduced me to my core! I never knew I had a one until the day after my first class, but I loved the fact that I was working muscles that I never knew I had and have been attending her weekly classes ever since. There is no denying that the classes are tough but somehow Katie makes them fun as well, so although you are exercising you enjoy it and who knew you could hand jive will doing a wall sit, or dance while planking!!

Like a lot of my fellow runner friends my dream is to run the London Marathon and once again last year I was disappointed when the ballot results came out and I decided then that the only way for me to get a place was on my own merit so decided that I had to try and get a GFA, so a sub 4 hour marathon was my target.

I had already booked to run the Barcelona marathon but that was quite early in the year and I was running with friends so looked for another marathon to run, so decided upon Manchester as I had heard good things about the race. So entry paid for and hotel booked.

That’s where my amazing coach Katie comes in! After asking questions about my current running routine, my home and work life, and what my running goal was, Katie wrote me a 16 week training plan. This included weekly core classes, a 1-2-1 PT session and 4 runs a week which included easy runs, speed sessions and a long run. I laughed when I first saw the plan!! I honestly thought that it was beyond me but after a few words of encouragement from Katie I thought if I want that GFA, I had to believe in the plan, believe in Katie and above all believe in myself.

I had never set foot in a PT studio or completed a speed session but soon found out that I loved both. Putting myself outside of my comfort zone I put 100% in to the sessions and very soon started to feel the difference in myself, my body felt stronger, I looked fitter and my stamina increased.

Along the way there were milestone races or distances in my plan and although there was no pressure put on me to go for a PB I started each of the races full of confidence and belief and my times started to improve. My 5k time has gone from 26:27 to 25:04, my Parkrun from 27:10 to 25:26 and my half marathon time from 1:59:16 to1:56:51 and my training run times also improved for 1km, 1 mile, 10 mile and 20 mile distances.


So although there were a few hiccups in my plan which were outside my control, mainly the snow and a few weeks of illness, I arrived at the start line in Manchester ready and in the best shape I had ever been in!

Following Katie’s advice I joined the group who were following the 4 hour pacer, this took the pressure off of me to keep checking my pace and made sure I didn’t go off to fast and it meant that there were people around me all the time. The miles seemed to pass by quickly and before I knew it we were passing the half marathon mark and things were feeling good, and I was on target! The next few miles flew pass and we were soon at mile 20, this is when a few of my fellow runners started to feel it and the group that I was in started to get smaller, so this is where my training really started to kick in. I gave myself a good talking to and dug in and before I knew it we were at mile 23 and there was only a parkrun to go and I even managed to pull ahead of the pacer!   I crossed the finish line in 3:58:43 TARGET ACHIEVED!!!


I know that Katie has told me that it is my hard work that has got me my GFA but I know I couldn’t have done it with her. The plan was tailored to me, and tweaked as I made progress and Katie was always there to listen to my concerns or to explain why or how a session would help me to achieve my goal.

The whole experience of working with Katie has been a real pleasure (although at times I must admit I cursed her!!) and she has taught me that with hard work and determination I am capable of achieving what I set out to do. I have learnt that putting myself outside of my comfort zone is not a bad thing and that with proper support and guidance goals are there to be met and achieved. I have also learnt that I love core classes and PT sessions and 3 weeks after Manchester I was back in the studio, with my new plan on the fridge!”