Reasons to Run on Holiday

Some people may think I am absolutely crazy for writing this blog post and I’ve also had many comments from people telling me to ‘take a break, you’re on holiday’, ‘leave your trainers at home’ ‘you’re not running whilst on holiday are you?’ before my most recent trip to Egypt.

But to me, there are so many more benefits to running whilst away and my New Balance 1500s were the first thing that were packed in my case this time around.

Previously if I’ve been away with family or friends I’ve only been out for a few runs on my own. But now being with James (my boyfriend and also keen runner) it makes it much more fun and exciting.

On our last trip to Turkey we ran every single day! It was in September so most runs were done first thing to avoid the hot temperatures, but each day we went out sometimes only for 5K.

Here’s my reason to run whilst being away…

1) You get to explore the area

I’ve seen some incredible sights whilst being away on holiday. It’s also an opportunity to see what’s about during your first few days.

On our last trip we used it as a chance to see the local hotspots and found some stunning places for a few afternoon cocktails or ice cream treat.

On a trip to LA a few years back I took a jog up to Runyon Canyon whilst all my friends stayed in bed. It was a great feeling standing at the top of the climb looking out at the whole of Hollywood. A breathtaking moment.

After a few minutes at the top I quickly ran back to show off the pictures to everyone else I’d just taken. They were sat outside of the hostel we were staying in with a coffee waiting for me and to hear of my recent adventure.

(Runyon Canyon – simply stunning!)

M2) My goals don’t stop just because I’m away

I have a busy race calendar at the end of 2017, so I need to ensure I stay focused. With the London Marathon coming up in 2018 as well, this holiday is a perfect way of keeping motivated and using the extra spare time in the day to read some books, research and get excited for the training block ahead.

Life can sometimes get in the way of training which I completely empathise, but there are no excuses from me here.


(Relaxing in the day – running by night)

3) It’s good to keep active whilst away

Holidays for me, are about getting away from the every day life routine. A chance to wind down, have same time out and generally relax. Now I love to spend all day poolside with a book soaking up the sun, but all that laying around can sometimes make me feel sluggish. So, I really enjoy keeping active on holiday.

An afternoon stroll along the beach is good too. Keeping the body active and enjoying some stunning sights at the same time.

(In our RR club tops (left) and outside of a water park (right)).


4) The all-inclusive buffet seems more appealing

I love to treat myself on holiday, enjoying the foods I wouldn’t always eat on a regular basis at home. So, running makes the all-inclusive buffet more appealing 😉

I’m not one to advocate exercising to earn food or extra calories. But I do feel that if I continue to run, a few treats here or there won’t effect my waist line or race times too much.

My next race is 3 days after this holiday – so we’ll see how this theory works out! Fingers crossed my formula is correct next weekend.

(Enjoying some treats in Turkey)


5) Because I love to run!

Simply put, I enjoy it. And if you love to do something, why stop because you’re in another country or away from home? Running is such a big part of my every day routine that it seems strange to not be doing so now even on holiday.

Some people understand it, some people don’t… but it’s something I choose to do and love. Hopefully I can inspire you to lace your trainers up next time you’re away.

On a few recent runs in Turkey (left) and Egypt (right).

On a run in Monterey, California.

Running along the beach in Barcelona.

More beach front runs in Nerja, Spain.

Hope this may have inspired you to not think twice before packing your trainers on your next trip.


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