Rachel Higginbottom – Client Testimonial – Finding Rachel

This isn’t just another story about a woman who wanted to lose weight and get a bit fitter, nor is it a finished story. This is the start of a story of someone who’d lost her smile, had no faith in anything she could do, really didn’t like herself very much, ate poorly, had no energy or interest in anything.

Having had to leave work due to not being able to cope with her stress and anxiety, I knew I needed to do something, I needed to find “Rachel”.

Katie was brilliant, my first session was almost like a counselling session, Katie believed in me already, she just wanted me to believe in me too.

Whilst I was at it I also took part in the 30 day challenge to help with the nutrition side of things, I started to eat “real food” three meals, and two healthy snacks a day, I no longer needed to find comfort in the bottom of a “share” bag of crisps or loaf of bread, block of cheese. I was full, no longer felt sluggish, there’s foods I would normally eat in the house and it’s safe!

Loads of people have said that the first thing they see now is my smile, and how much I’m bursting with confidence.

Roll forward a few more weeks, having just completed my graduation parkrun with Redway Runners beginners course, I’ve found my smile, my “mojo”, my meaning. I’ve lost in excess of 18lbs about 30inches, but this isn’t really about what I’ve lost, it’s much more about what I’ve gained with Katie pushing in the right direction.