Meera Vyas-Sparks – Client Testimonial – The Best is Yet to Come…


I joined Redway Runners in April 2017 as a total beginner to running and after the 5K park run graduation in July I knew I had the bug – I wanted to do more, get better and run further. I did my first 10k in August 2017 and I started to seriously think about doing a half marathon. Although the thought of it scared me silly, the challenge also excited me hugely. I was someone who hadn’t really exercised for about 20 years but hitting the big 4-0 was a huge incentive to make a change.

I kept hearing about Clean Coach Katie and after checking out her website I decided to get in touch. I needed help if I was going to run 13.1 miles, there was no way I was going to wing it and hope for the best.

In Sept 2017 I signed up for the MK Winter Half (Dec 2017) and asked Katie for a 12 week personalised training plan. During those 3 months she gave me so much support, advice and encouragement I was totally ready to take on my 1st half. The plan was broken down in small chunks and she monitored my progress closely which gave me the reassurance I needed. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy but I felt accountable to Katie which made me stay focussed on the goal. The postponed event was devastating and really tough mentally but again Katie supported me through this and helped me keep focused and positive. When I actually completed the race in Feb 2018 I felt so emotional after all the build up and prep towards it, she gave me the biggest hug at the end which was all I needed.


In January 2018 I started weekly PT sessions and core classes with Katie with the aim of  getting stronger and I started seeing the benefits in my running quite quickly. I also joined the 30 day food challenge and lost nearly 1 stone in weight within the month, I enjoyed it so much that I joined it again in May to keep focused on eating well and fuelling correctly.

Since working with Katie the results in my running have been beyond what I ever expected. My 5K PB has improved by nearly 10 mins and my 10K PB has improved by 12 mins. My 1st half marathon in Feb 2018 was a time of 2:07 (I was aiming for 2:30) which has recently dropped to 2:04 and i’ve lost a massive 2 stone in weight. My mindset has totally changed towards exercise and food thanks to Katie. I am much more confident in myself and feel so motivated by my journey that i’m even contemplating a marathon next year. Next goal for me is a sub 2 hour half marathon at Bedford.


For the last 9 months i’ve absolutely trusted in Katie and the results speak for themselves. Sometimes its been tough, i’ve had bad runs but she is always there to offer advice and support. Her own dedication and commitment to training has been so motivating and inspiring for me, and I truly feel like I’m a different person physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve never been happier and its all thanks to Katie for pushing me, making me believe in myself and just being an amazingly strong and positive person all round.

I can’t imagine not having Katie in my life now and I really look forward to seeing what the year ahead brings. I feel stronger, fitter and faster in every way and its all thanks to the lovely Katie Tucker.