London Marathon Training Week 9… Snowed in to Sunshine and the Logicom Cyprus Half Marathon

Week 9

Day 57 – Monday 26th February 

My week began early with a PT session with the lovely Lizzie. I wouldn’t normally be in the studio on a Monday, but as I am away from Thursday, it was the only other time we could co-ordinate. After this I parked up outside the yoga studio to complete a 30 min easy run. It was very chilly so I wrapped up in a few layers, unbeknown to me, how bad the weather would become later this week.

The afternoon blizzard forced me to cancel the evening session of Need for Speed (a speed improvement course I’ve been leading for the Redway Runners). There is no point in risking injury for the sake of one run and I wanted to protect both my group and the helpers as it was predicted to be -3 degrees.


Weekly Mileage Total –  3.5 miles

Day 58 – Tuesday 27th February 

Tuesday’s Speed Session was taken to the treadmill. I could have ran outdoors, but at this stage, risking injury is just silly!!

I completed a warm up, followed by 6 x 3.5 minutes at 10K pace and 30 seconds all out with recovery in between each set. Being on the treadmill, it wasn’t as bad as I had expected but I was forcing myself to run at the prescribed pace rather than allow my body to find it naturally.

Another full day in the studio with clients followed this with final preparations for Cyprus in the middle too.


Weekly Mileage Total –  8.8 miles


Day 59 – Wednesday 28th February 

Rest day.

I had a sports massage booked with the Treatment Lab ahead of Sundays race. From now until the London Marathon I will be having fortnightly massages to ensure I am in tip top condition and as the training intensity creeps up before I reach peak and taper. I don’t want to risk anything at this stage. I was delighted to hear from Rudi that my legs were in good shape, despite running a half marathon PB, a long run of 18 miles and all of the sessions in between. It must mean I’m recovering well and looking after myself.

Although a rest day I still had to teach my favourite double core classes. A tough session with some fun mixed in, in the form of the Cha Cha Slide.

Weekly Mileage Total –  8.8 miles


Day 60 – Thursday 1st March

Travel Day. London Luton > Cyprus.

A tempo run was on today’s plan, however, with it being -5 it was silly to run before our flight. The aim was to run once we had arrived in Paphos. But due to the weather and a 2 hour delay on the runway, it resulted in us arriving at our villa by 9pm. We headed out for dinner and swapped Friday’s rest day for today.

After 2 rest days in a row I was itching to get out. Although, at this stage I was just grateful to be in warmer climates. By the sounds of things, we were lucky to escape the country just in time, with many other flights after ours cancelled.


Weekly Mileage Total –  8.8 miles

Day 61 – Friday 2nd March

Waking up to temperatures of 14 degrees at 7am was absolute bliss. I took my laptop out onto the balcony, grabbed a morning coffee, enjoyed the sunshine on my face and got back to a few emails.

Once the boys had woken up, we headed out for a 5 mile run.

One mile warm up in the direction of the sea front.

Then 1 mile tempo (6:32), 1 mile easy and then another tempo mile (6:24). These paces are not far away from 5K pace so I was pushing, although it felt OK. We met back up with Paul and headed home for another 1.2 miles cool down.

After a shower and change of clothes, we headed back down to the beach for lunch and to pick up our race numbers ahead of Sunday.

A chilled afternoon back at the villa, followed by dinner and a relatively early night.


Weekly Mileage Total –  14 miles


Day 62 – Saturday 3rd March

5K easy was on the training plan for today.  JD, Paul and I headed down to the beach front again for our run. We headed out just before 11 so the sun was out and in full force. An enjoyable but quite hot run! Mission today, to stay hydrated ahead of tomorrow’s race and carb up…

As the day continued, I began to get more apprehensive about the race. I achieved my target a few weeks ago, but as always place pressure on myself to do well. With my social media accounts I post my progress and therefore also expose myself to the world. I know I can only do the best I can and I will pleased whatever the outcome will be, as long as I know I tried  hard. #StrongerFitterFaster

Weekly Mileage Total –  17.3 miles 


Day 63 – Sunday 4th March

Cyprus Half Marathon

Race Day! The event I’ve been working towards for nine weeks. My target for this race was to run under 90 minutes, however, after achieving this a few weeks back at the Winter Half, there was no pressure if this wasn’t met.

The race started at 8.25am so meant an early start. The race started and finished by Paphos Castle so we took a walk down to the start line. I was my usual pre-race self  – a bag of nerves.

After arriving at the castle, my nerves slightly settled as there was a great atmosphere, lots of people and the music was pumping! Plenty of toilets, no queues and well organised bag drops.

We got ourselves into the start pen to begin and the heat started to hit me. I always say you shouldn’t moan about heat in a race, but I did think it may be a factor.

I got carried away in a fast start and my first two miles were slightly quicker than I wanted them to be. During mile 3 I tried to stay a little more reserved and cast my mind back to a few weeks ago. I really struggled in the second half when I did 89:49 and I didn’t want to feel the same again. So I took the pressure off, tried to relax slightly and take in more of the race.

At mile 7 there was a longgggg hill and my pace was really affected here. I tried to push up it but knew it wouldn’t be possible. You returned back down the same hill so was able to gain back some time here. At mile 10 I had a second wind knowing it was only a parkrun to go. That soon went as I hit mile 11 and began to hurt! The heat was getting to me but I continue to push on. The castle was soon back in sight and I kind of thought that sub 90 wouldn’t be possible but I was happy with that with how the heat and not putting my body under too much stress.

I finished in 1:31:02, my second best half marathon time and 4th lady.

Later on that day I found out that I had won my age category too so picked up a trophy! Shame I missed the opportunity to have it presented to me, serves me right for being hasty and not thinking I had got anything. It’s mad that I can now get so close to a podium finish.

Really happy with my finish position, time and progress this training block. London Marathon, I’m coming for you next.

Full race video here –

Weekly Mileage Total –  31.3 miles 

Week in Training Recap –

Training Mileage Total –  360 miles