London Marathon Training… Week 8 – Longest Run on the Plan and Parkrun PB

Week 8

Day 50 – Monday 19th February  


I was granted a day of rest following the half marathon PB last weekend! I still wanted to keep active so went to the gym for half hour before my yoga class to sit on the bike. It really helped my legs and they felt better as the day went on.

I still had my Need for Speed Course to lead in the evening which did include me running  but I took it very easy with the group. 2.5 bonus miles to start the week off.

My legs felt quite good considering the weekends antics. Although my trainers had given me some blisters. I think for the Marathon I’m going to revert back to another pair of New Balance trainers I like. The ones I wore yesterday were the 1400s, but last Marathon I wore 1500s and they’ve been my favourite ones.


Weekly Mileage Total –  2.5 miles


Day 51 – Tuesday 20th February  

Double Run Day.

I had to do a ’20 minute shake out’ in the morning before a speed session later in the day.

I quizzed James as to the purpose of this shake out, but after I ran, I recognised why. My legs felt better, my ankle was not stiff and I was ready for the session later on. It was to prep me for the second run.

Early morning runs also set me up well for the day. So my mood was uplifted and I was ready for the day ahead.

My second session was a pyramid intervals session of minute based efforts: 1,2,3,2,1 x 3 with recovery in between. I really enjoyed the shorter bursts of effort and my pace was pretty good after Sunday.

8.7 miles completed in total today.


Weekly Mileage Total –  11.2 miles 

Day 52 – Wednesday 21st February  

An easy recovery run was on the cards and I went out with Spencer and JD (both training for Brighton Marathon). 4.2 miles run before a gym session, PT clients and back to back core classes.

This week featured lots of burpees and planks to the songs Bring Sally Up and Roxanne. My attendees will never ask to play games in class again – hehe!

IMG_8631 2.jpg

Weekly Mileage Total –  15.4 miles 


Day 53 – Thursday 22nd February  

#TempoThursdays are back. URGH.

Luckily I recruited Ben to run some of my tempo run today. I had an hour to do and he had 5k. We ran a loop of Caldecotte Lake in 25 minutes before Ben left me so I could complete the rest. I did another lap which took me up to 50 minutes. 10 mins left, so I completed a 5 min out and back to finish the run. 6:55 average per mile, which was very similar to Sundays half marathon pace, BOOM! It felt tough but not brutal which gave me a huge confidence boost that the PB over the weekend was not a fluke. My mileage after today matches my total mileage for last week already and I haven’t even done my long run yet!!

Weekly Mileage Total –  24.1 miles 

Day 54 – Friday 23rd February  


Unfortunately, nothing interesting to report. A great day in the Studio and a coffee with Dad late afternoon.


Weekly Mileage Total –  29.4 miles

Day 55 – Saturday 24th February  

Parkrun PB Attempt.

Attempting a 5K PB the weekend before a big race is always a good way of gauging where your fitness is at. You should be reaching your peak so in shape to PB and a 5K effort shouldn’t take too long to recover from in comparison to a half or full marathon. As Cyprus half is next weekend, this parkrun was put into the plan.

Current PB stood at 19:51 at Northampton before today.

Gunnersbury Parkrun today – 19:38 – BOOM!

A flat two lap course so I knew beforehand a PB was on the cards. I started off well using the fast start to find a rhythm and held this pace pretty much the whole way throughout. A second lady finish and 24th overall. Another boost to the ego and confidence. Are people getting bored of me PB’ing now!?


Weekly Mileage Total –  29.4 miles. 

Day 56 – Sunday 25th February  

18 miles – my longest run this year.

The aim was to complete the distance at an easy pace. Before, this kind of distance would have been a real chore, but not today. My legs felt tired in parts, but taking on gels and chatting to people on the club run on the way round made the miles tick by nicely. The route had some stonking hills, but it made it fun to push up them at points. The park run effort and probably and a limited amount of sleep last night (babysitting duties) most likely contributed to the leg fatigue.

Very happy to have completed this distance and not feeling awful after!

Weekly Mileage Total –  47.4 miles 


Training Total Mileage – 328 miles 

YouTube recap of Week 8 here –