London Marathon Training Week 7

Week 7

Day 42 – Monday 12th February  

After being a Negative Nelly over the weekend, I was determined to bring back Positive Patricia.

I’m really liking my normal Monday routine of a recovery run followed by Yoga.

I headed out early for a 4 mile run and for the first two miles both ankles felt quite tight. I put it down to a heavy weekend of training and the uneven surface at Cross Country. They eased off during the run. I struggled today with one leg balances at Yoga. I didn’t let it bother me too much and again put it down to overuse.

In the evening I went to begin teaching circuits, lifted my legs up to do high knees and OUCH, putting pressure on my ankle really hurt. I took it easy for the rest of the session and tried not to jump around too much.

I then hurried off to meet the Need For Speed group. We changed our meet location and as I had planned the route I had to lead the group out. My ankle did not feel good at all. I felt like I was hobbling and it hurt to put pressure on the outside. My foot felt like it was rolling inwards to compensate.

I went home, iced my ankle and thought the world was over. The real drama queen side of me came out. Disaster had struck and I took myself to bed early in a hump.


Weekly Mileage Total –  5.1 miles


Day 43 – Tuesday 13th February  


James had advised me to rest today. The plan should have been a speed session. The first day I actually wanted to do one… and I couldn’t.

As it was pancake day, I went to James’ for lunch and he cheered me up by making me some incredible pancakes. Evening sessions again cheered me up further and I tried to put it to the back of my mind.

No miles today.


Weekly Mileage Total –  5.1 miles

Day 44 – Wednesday 14th February  

Valentines Day. <3

James and I had a spa day planned and another 45 minutes easy run was on the plan. However, another rest day for me.

I continued to quiz James throughout the day as to when I could run again, but he said nothing. I shut up, enjoyed the relaxing day we had. The spa was lovely and a really refreshing day.
We headed back to Milton Keynes so that I could teach Core Class and James could complete his run.

This was followed by an insane 3 course dinner cooked by Chef JD. Lucky girl!!

IMG_8458 2.JPG

Weekly Mileage Total –  5.1 miles


Day 45 – Thursday 15th February  

I finally had the go ahead to run – wooooo.

I did a Strength and Conditioning session in the morning and did a series of ankle tests to ensure it was OK. This included resistance band work, calf raises, squats, lunges, TRX work, bounds, squat jumps. All was fine, no pain and range of movement in my ankle was great. So to me, a real mystery as to what was causing the pain.

After morning clients I headed up to Woughton on the Green to find softer ground. I completed a 1 mile warm up, followed by 10 goalpost sprints. Basically, I had to sprint one length of a football pitch and a recovery jog back. Another mile cool down and the session was complete.

My ankle felt stiff to start off with and I could feel it throughout the whole session. It didn’t like any twists or turns though and this left me feeling a little deflated. Running straight during the sprints felt good but twists and turns caused an uncomfortable feelings. 3.4 miles to add to the weekly total. I’ve normally done this distance by Monday, not Friday!!!!!

IMG_8510 2.JPG

Weekly Mileage Total –  8.5 miles


Day 46 – Friday 16th February  

Fortunately, my sports rehabilitator and massage therapist Rudi Chaplin could fit me in for a last minute session. I wanted to understand the cause of my ankle pain and to see if I would be able to run on Sunday. I have a half marathon planned and really want to be able to complete it.

After morning PT clients, I headed over to The Treatment Lab. After a few assessments and tests, Rudi had identified that my subtalar joint was stiff and was what was causing the pain. No ligament damage and nothing major to worry about!!! Hallejuah.

Rudi worked into the area and the calves to release this area and it felt a million times better already. I need to continue work with the spiky ball on the bottom of my foot.

Test park run tomorrow but I’m feeling super confident everything will be OK from now on. The show can go on yiiiippppeee.

As I feel like I’ve missed a lot of exercise this week, I did a short HIIT workout at the gym after evening clients. No more miles, but a good sweat and cardio workout.

Weekly Mileage Total –  8.5 miles

Day 47 – Saturday 17th February

I headed over to Linford Wood for today’s ParkRun. I met up with Ana just before the start and we jogged round in a very chatty average pace of 8:30. Was great to catch up and be out to test the ankle. Minimal pain and turning on my foot was great. Hurrah – we are back on for the Winter Half tomorrow.

The afternoon saw me take a trip to one of my best friends wedding venue for a look around and lunch. I spent the evening relaxing and preparing for the race the next day.

IMG_8526 2.JPG

Weekly Mileage Total –  11.6 miles


Day 48 – Sunday 18th February

The Milton Keynes Winter Half. Race Day.

A few weeks ago, James told me to make this a target race but not tell anyone. I had told the world I was aiming for a Sub 90 Half Marathon in Cyprus on March 4th. But he thought I would be ready by today and that to take the pressure off, now would be the time to attempt it.

After a touch and go week with the ankle, I was just happy to be running today. As I lined up at the start and positioned myself near the front, a few people had started to guess I would be ‘going for it’. I confided in my friend before the race that I would attempting to break this elusive barrier. I felt like I needed to tell someone, it was one of those secrets that you can’t keep to yourself.

I started off strong and FAST! Averaging around 6:40s for the first 4 miles. To achieve sub 90 you need to be running 6:51-6:52’s so my game plan was to try and save some extra time in the bank by starting quickly.

I got to about half way and this is when I began to struggle, the fast pace was taking its toll and I had to cling on for the rest of the race. I passed half way in 44 minutes, which meant I had to do the other half in less than 46.

Miles 7 – 10 are quite up and down with twists, turns and hills. It’s a great course, don’t get me wrong, but mentally I had to really battle with myself.
By this time I didn’t think Sub 90 would be possible as my legs felt like they had less energy as the race went on. I got through the worst hill at Mile 10 and tried to give everything I had. I knew I was putting in 100% so was happy with 1:31-1:32 at this point.

The last part of the race goes along the canal and down to the finish. I thought one long stretch of path would help me to the end, but it felt the opposite. I was wishing to see the end as soon as I could. As I neared the part leading down to Willen Lake, I could see a mass of people, the finish arch and the timing clock. The seconds were getting quicker and I wasn’t sure how far away I was from Sub 90, I didn’t look at my watch, I just ran. Dan Hippey, was the 1:30 pacer and was waiting for people to come in and cheer on. I needed more than cheering on, he yelled and shouted at me to will me on to the end. My legs were buckling and I collapsed in a heap as I crossed the line. #DramaQueen

BUT I HAD DONE IT. 1:29:49!!!!!!!! 11 SECONDS TO SPARE.

The next 10 – 15 minutes were a blur. I don’t know if this was down to adrenaline, lack of energy or the fact I’d just poured my heart and soul into that race.

It could have been a number of things, sleep, fuel, effort levels. But at this point, all I could think was YESSSSSS. I HAD DONE IT.

I can honestly say I gave my everything in that race. I could have not given any more or tried harder at any point. Could I have raced easier at the start to not blow up near the end? Maybe? But hindsight is a wonderful thing and I achieved my goal either way.

I waited in the finish area to see so many other clients and friends also achieve PBs. I was full of emotion and shed a few tears. It was truly inspiring and motivational morning.

I headed home for a soak in the bath and chilled afternoon before heading out for a carb heavy dinner with James.

On reflection, this week has been my lowest mileage week to date. But most importantly, I’m back on track and have achieved a lot in the last 7 days. Both physically and mentally.

Let’s see what’s in store for Week 8 and Cyprus coming soon!



Weekly Mileage Total –  25.4 miles

Training Total Mileage – 280.9 miles 

YouTube recap of Week 7 here –