London Marathon Training… Week 6 – Overcoming Bad Races & Facing Mental Challenges

Week 6

Day 36 – Monday 5th February  

My morning started with an hours easy run. I had stayed at James’ on Sunday night, and as I’m not familiar with the area I did an out and back along the canal. I decided to the listen to the #FitandFearless podcast as I find that running to podcasts can let me find a more natural pace than music. I often find myself going to the tempo of the music rather than going at my body’s pace. 7.2 miles clocked. A nice, crisp and chilly morning.

I continued on with my usual Monday routine of Sweat Studios Hot Yoga, a bit of admin work (basically doing my accounts, oh joy!) and then teaching Circuits Class and Week 5 of the Need for Speed course. They did hill reps this week, hehe. I got a few curses this week again! Another 3 miles here took me up to 10.2 miles for the day.


Weekly Mileage Total –  10.2 miles


Day 36 – Tuesday 6th February  

I wasn’t due in the studio till 9am this morning (which is late for me haha!) so decided to complete my session first thing. It meant I could get a lot of admin work and video editing done in the day between morning and evening clients.

1 mile warm up, followed by 4 miles at tempo with 1 minute recovery in between and 1 mile cool down. Tempo miles were 6:37, 6:34, 6:47 and 6:42. Pretty happy with that, the second two miles were tough as the route I took has a lot of twists and turns and gradual inclines. I find it difficult to find flatter areas near me. But overall, I was happy with how it went. I got ready and headed out for the day, smug that I had done my run before most people had even left for work!


Weekly Mileage Total –  16.2 miles


Day 37 – Wednesday 7th February  

My brothers birthday awww… Although, he doesn’t live in Milton Keynes, so we celebrated last weekend. Another easy run on the plan which I completed mid morning in between PT clients. I cut the run short by about 3 minutes as I really needed the toilet. I was outside the studio and wasn’t rounding for the sake of it! Another 5.2 miles done and at a reasonable pace too. Another tick off of the plan!

Followed by another 2 fabulous core classes in the evening. Oh I love my job!

Weekly Mileage Total –  21.4 miles


Day 38 – Thursday 8th February  

Rest Day! Whaaaat no tempo Thursdays?

With 2 x big races this weekend, I was allowed a rest day. I took advantage of the time off during the day and met up with a friend for lunch to celebrate her new job!

In the evening I also went along to the Redway Runners Fayre. Here I had a stall to let people know about CCK, who I am and what I do. A successful event all round!

Weekly Mileage Total –  21.4 miles

Day 39 – Friday 9th February  

Another rest day. My body actually enjoyed this. With it being another busy day in the PT studio it didn’t phase me that I couldn’t fit in a run/session!

Weekly Mileage Total –  21.4 miles

Day 40 – Saturday 10th February  

With 2 x rest days in my legs, I was geared up for Cross Country (XC). The weather wasn’t looking great, but what’s XC without a little drizzle.

Usually, I get quite nervous about XC races, but with this being the last match and having not run for a couple of days, I thought to myself, just give it what you’ve got. It’s really important to remember with XC that it’s not about pace, but about effort. With the variety of terrains and hills, you can never run to a certain pace across the course. You have to run the course to your best ability.

With this being the best mindset I’ve had ahead of Cross Country, it was one of the WORST race I’ve ever experienced.



It was only 3.3 miles but I almost gave up on a number of occasions. It was a real mental battle and I really struggled. I probably went off too quick and paid for it. I didn’t know the course and thought this would help me, element of surprise and all that. But no, the conditions were awful and my head gave up very quickly. I really had to dig deep to see it through to the end. I still finished first lady home from our club, but Sarah (another RR member) was only 8 seconds behind me. People who I’ve beaten previously overtook me and I really really did not enjoy it. One to box up and throw away. But I really beat myself up over it. A learning curve, character building, but I was proud of myself for seeing it through.

Weekly Mileage Total –  26.2 miles


Day 41 – Sunday 11th February  

Bramley 10. I was determined not to let yesterday ruin my spirits ahead of today’s race. I had forgotten about it and was focused on the day ahead.

The game plan was:

4 miles at Marathon Pace – 7:40

3 miles at Half Marathon Pace – 6:45 – 6:52

3 miles at Suicide Pace – basically give everything you got!

The first 4 miles were executed perfectly. I ran these with James as he was doing the 20 mile option at 7:40 pace throughout. After mile 4 I had to kick on, the first mile I worked up to 6:59 which was good as I had to progress into it, but a long gradual hill at the end of mile 6 meant I clocked another 6:59 mile. Not the HMP I was hoping for. Another 2 miles at 7:06 meant I wasn’t executing the plan well, but the wind, hills and tired legs weren’t allowing to run any faster. Another 6:59 mile in mile 9 finished off with a 6:44 in mile 10.

I finished and was a little disappointed I couldn’t execute the plan, but if you were to ask me 6 months ago to run a race like that I physically wouldn’t have been able to! It’s funny that as you get better the bar constantly moves higher. Average pace of 7:15 min/per mile was something I used to dream of so I tried to convince myself to be happy. I waited for James to come past the first loop and ran out with him a little way to see how he was getting on for my cool down and for some extra Sunday Long Run mileage.

A tough weekend for me. I’m used to coming out of races feeling happy. But this weekend was the bi-polar opposite. I guess I’ve been waiting for a week like this to happen, but I will take a lot away from this week. It will make me a stronger runner and I need to remember that the London Marathon is the ‘Target Race’ the ‘A for Aim’.



Weekly Mileage Total –  38.5 miles

Training Total Mileage – 255.5 miles 

YouTube recap of Week 6 here –