London Marathon Training… Week 4 – Nutrition & My Longest Run on Plan

Week 4

Day 22 – Monday 22nd January 

An hour easy was on today’s plan. I was still buzzing from the weekend PB and my legs weren’t feeling as bad as what I thought they would.

I headed down to Natural Lifestyles in Newport Pagnell for a chat with Sam Downton on Nutrition and we filmed a video with top tips for runners –

My run route took me round to my door in 55 minutes and I couldn’t be bothered to round up 5 minutes for the sake of it. 6.7 miles was enough. Quick change before heading out to teach circuits class and Need for Speed week 3. (Another 3.4 miles completed here). Total of 10.1 miles for the day.


Weekly Mileage Total – 10.1 miles 

Day 23 – Tuesday 23rd January 

Today’s session was different to usual. 3 x 7 mins was on the plan, aiming to push for 5k pace. Each rep was 6:30, 6:34 and 6:16 min per mile average pace. Pretty happy that my last was my quickest and felt strong. The core and strength work is paying off dividends. A warm up mile and cool down took today’s mileage up to over 5 miles.

Weekly Mileage Total – 15.4 miles 

Day 24 – Wednesday 24th January 

A busy day meant my alarm went off at 5.30am and was out the door a little after 6. An easy 5K was all that was needed today, but boy, did my legs feel heavy. The aftermath of Sunday and yesterdays session. James kept me company so was good to have him there in the dark keeping me safe!

A great day in the Studio, a trip to Bicester to buy some new trainers for James, lunch out and 2 back to back core classes meant I was done for the day.

Plus, I found out I won a trip to Kenya! All in all, a pretty good day.

Weekly Mileage Total – 18.6 miles 


Day 25 – Thursday 25th January 


We all know by now, how much I love a tempo run – NOT! However, today wasn’t as bad. On the plan was only 5k tempo, so I headed up to Willen Lake to complete the park run route. It felt easier being on a course I knew and one that I knew what potential I had on it. It helped me to keep focus and push as I knew when to hold back and when to pick up the pace. It felt like I was racing against myself and former times I’ve achieved on the course. A course PB of 20:16 left me feeling very smug and happy with myself. A pace of 6:32 average – JOB DONE.


Weekly Mileage Total – 23.6 miles 

Day 26 – Friday 26th January 


I don’t think I could have fit in a run today even if I tried. A back to back day of 10 PT clients left me pooped when I had finished. My day started at 5am with my first client at 6am. I finished a little before 7pm before heading home and falling asleep as soon as I got in. My body felt like it had worked though with the amount of demonstrations I’d given throughout the day. Mileage remains the same as yesterday.

Weekly Mileage Total – 23.6 miles 

Day 27 – Saturday 27th January 

A new kind of run for me today. Easy run with strides every 5 mins.

I would be running along and then have to sprint past people for 30 seconds before slowing down again. Kind of strange but enjoyable at the same time.

I completed this at parkrun, so was lovely to see lots of friendly faces and find out that my client Sue got another PB this morning 35:59 – woop woop!!

Rest for the remainder of the afternoon ahead of Long Run Sunday. 120 mins on the plan, longest run of 2018 pending.

Weekly Mileage Total – 27.2 miles 

Day 28 – Sunday 28th January 


35 mins on the early lap, 60 mins on the club run and the final miles I rounded up with the lovely Ana, she needed an extra 4 miles. This took me to 15 miles in a time of 2 hours 8 mins. Pretty good going with how many people were at the club run this morning. Average pace of 8:33.

Then some numpty locked her car keys in the boot of her car (numpty!) James to the rescue and peace with the world again.

In the evening, James and I completed another 5K run. Simulating running on tired legs. (this has to be completed as of yet, so this blog may be updated after haha!) Lots of stretching and foam rolling after and sports massage to look forward to tomorrow – bliss!

Happy with the week overall and another week completed – YAY!

Weekly Mileage Total – 45.3 miles 


Total Mileage for London Marathon Training to Date – 163 miles (wow!)


This week’s YouTube instalment can also be found here –