London Marathon Training… Week 3

Week 3

Day 15 РMonday 15th January 

After a tough weekend of Cross Country and a long run yesterday my body was happy for a rest day.

I had some day time PT sessions, carried out some of my own foam rolling and stretching, before teaching my Monday night circuit class and leading week 2 of my #NeedforSpeed Course. During the evening session I managed to cover 2.5 miles and recorded for Strava purposes ūüėČ So, although a rest day, I still was keeping active.


Weekly Mileage Total Р2.5 miles 


Day 16 РTuesday 16th January 

Tuesdays are known by now for speed sessions.

12 x 400m reps was on the plan. In yesterday’s need for speed course I made the attendees do between 4 – 6 so knew they would be laughing at me now if they knew what I was up to.

After morning PT clients I ran 2.5 miles up (as a warm up) to a local lake where I know I could find flat ground. (Recently I’ve been setting out from home and struggling to find anywhere really flat to do these kind of sessions which makes it harder).

On the plan it said to aim for the reps at 5K target pace, which is now for me 6 minutes per mile eeeeek. I was really shocked at the fact I was able to go under 6 min mile pace for quite a few and none were slower than dead on 6 min miles. Super chuffed with this session and it didn’t feel ‘brutal’ like some sessions do. Maybe 0.25 mile reps are for me!

Another 2.5 miles back to the studio to shower, change before the rest of the days PT clients.

Weekly Mileage Total Р10.5 miles 

Day 17 РWednesday 17th January 

Easy run on the plan for today, but my legs felt quite heavy. Despite this, I averaged just over 8 min/miles which is incredible that this is now an ‘easy’ pace. Shows the training is really paying off.

5.5 miles covered. No strength training this week so far – with a race on Sunday and 2 core classes to teach this evening, I thought it was a good idea to limit my gym work.

 2 hours of back to back teaching core class is a workout in itself!! I had 2 fully booked sessions which was fantastic. I was tired by the end, but full of endorphins. James and I refuelled with one of our favourite meals of chicken salad, hummus and pitta РYUM!


Weekly Mileage Total Р16 miles 


Day 18 РThursday 18th January 

#ThursdayTempos – urgh. Can you tell I dislike these by now?

I was actually dreading this run on Wednesday, 24 hours before I even had to run.

Tempos now make me feel anxious!! This isn’t good and something I need to shake off and quite quick.

James came out with me after work for this session. I do feel for the guy as I put him through hell sometimes. I almost had a hissy fit before we started as I was worried for time to fit the run in and get to the studio in time. I guess my worry for the session took over and I took it out on him. It was a rush to get showered and to the studio, but I did well this week. 6:53 min per mile average for 4 miles and although it felt hard, I felt stronger this week than last. A 1 mile warm up and 0.8 mile cool down took this run up to 5.8 miles.

Weekly Mileage Total – 21.8 miles


Day 19 РFriday 19th January 

Friday was due to be a rest day and Saturday was meant to be a 30 minute shake out run before the race. Due to a busy day on Saturday I swapped the two around and did my 30 minutes today. I averaged at sub 8’s which was probably quite quick for an easy run, but it felt good. 4 miles done and another nice tick off of the training plan.

Another busy day with PT clients left me feeling EXHAUSTED. I hope I’m not overdoing it with everything at the moment. I went home and ate as much food as I could get my hands on!


Weekly Mileage Total Р25.8 miles 


Saturday Р20th January 

REST DAY! And The National Running Show wooohooooo.

It was a great day out and a very inspiring one. Lovely to meet lots of fellow runners from the community and also have a meet up with Baze187, Run Guru Run and Andy FOD Runner. YouTube vide to come soon.

A relaxed evening ahead of Sunday’s race did me well.

Weekly Mileage Total Р25.8 miles 


Sunday Р21st January 

Fred Hughes 10 mile race. My second race over this distance. The last time I covered this distance in a race environment was at Brighton 10 and I shocked myself with going sub 70! This course is known to be ‘undulating’ so I didn’t know what to expect ahead of this.

The weather was not ‘ideal’ race conditions, but the show must go on.

I admit, I went into this race unsure on how I would do. I felt tired from the week and as everyone knows, I DISLIKE TEMPO RUNS, this was going to be a 10 mile long tempo run.

I positioned myself too close to the start – oops and set off, not getting caught up in the early rush. I soon found my rhythm and the miles ticked by. First few were around 6:45 which I thought was too quick, but today I tried to run on feel. Push up the hills and enjoy the recovery on the down. Mile 5 – 6 was really tough and some of the course goes through the St Albans half route so recognisable. I passed 10K with a new PB woooo! (only a few seconds) and this really motivated me to carry on. I got to mile 7 and thought, only a park run to go! Mile 8 wiped my legs and as I hit mile 9 I was worried that I would fade. But I talked myself into pushing hard for 1 last mile. I think back to all my previous training and try to remember this is where it pays off.

I finished in a time of 1 hour 8 minutes and 14 seconds – another 10 mile PB and I was buzzing!!!!! Average pace of 6:50 and means that a Sub 90 half marathon is definitely achievable at the start of March if I focus in the next few weeks! Maybe this self-belief thing really pays off?


Until next week….

p.s. I now see the benefits of tempo runs ūüėČ please remind me of this next week if I moan!!!


Weekly Mileage Total – 37.3 miles

Training Total Mileage Р121.1 miles 

YouTube recap of Week 2 here –¬†