London Marathon Training… Week 2

Week 1 – COMPLETE. Great feeling to have a full 7 days done and done well. If you missed week 1’s recap you can read it here: The Road To London – Week 1 of Marathon Training.

Week 2

Day 8 – Monday 8th January

At a glance, looking at my diary, today should have been a relatively quiet day… how different could it have been!

7am – Easy run – 6.3 miles

8am – breakfast, emails, client training plans, finalising info for the Need for Speed Course

12.30pm – Yoga at Sweat Studios followed by being treated to lunch by Mum

4pm – quick drink (soda and lime) with Lynn & Freya to celebrate Lynn’s birthday

5.30pm – arrive to set up and teach Circuits Class

7.30pm – My first experience as a Run Lead for the Redway Runners – taking 30 people under my wing to help improve their 5K times. 3.1 miles covered here too.

8.45pm – home to scoff down dinner before getting ready for morning PT clients

23,000 steps, 13.6  miles covered, 9.4 of them running. PHEW!

On Sunday of Week 1 I also took James through the foam rolling and stretching routine we went through at the workshop last week – it did wonders for me today!


Weekly Mileage Total – 9.4 miles 

Day 9 – Tuesday 9th January

Early morning PT clients meant my run ‘session’ had to be done just before lunch. I had a great morning in the studio so I was in a good mood. I made sure I quickly changed and got out as soon as I could. If I sat down that would have been game over, distractions would have got in the way and hours would have passed by without me knowing.

A mile warm up and 1.2 miles cool down including 4 miles of different speed work left me with another 6.2 miles for the day.

Pretty happy I was able to hit the relevant paces for each interval too and found the pace of sub 7s much easier than last weeks tempo. Funny how the mindset can play games with you. More evening PT sessions to finish off the day – #StrongerFitterFaster


Weekly Mileage Total – 15.6 miles 

Day 10 – Wednesday 10th January

Today’s plan – a leg and glute work out, 30 mins easy run and teaching core class, all in between PT clients.

My workout was higher reps and lighter weights, saving myself for this weekends Cross Country. 4.1 miles done in 32 minutes and a jam packed class finished the day well. A record breaking 32 attendees in total. I’m lucky enough to be able to host another session at 7pm next week too. Allowing more people access to these classes. Spaces still available for the 7pm class – booking link here –

I was pleased to sit down once the day was done!


Weekly Mileage Total – 19.7 miles 

Day 11 – Thursday 11th January

Tempo Thursday’s – UGH.

I think I have a mental block with these runs now.

5.1 miles completed in 6:56 min/per mile average with 0.5 mile cool down.

I finished the run and felt deflated. 6:52 is meant to be my half marathon pace in 7-8 weeks time and I do not feel ready or anywhere in shape for it. But my coach reminded me that 6 months ago I would have not been able to complete a run like that.

‘Remember how far you’ve come and not how far you have to go!’

Weekly Mileage Total – 25.4 miles 

Day 12 – Friday 12th January

Rest Day – Yipppeeee! And a record day for me in the PT studio. 9 clients in total BOOM!

Some great sessions but a long day. I hoped that all the squat demo’s wouldn’t affect tomorrow’s XC haha.

Weekly Mileage Total – 25.4 miles 

Day 13 – Saturday 13th January

Today was the 4th match of the Chiltern League Cross Country.


This race was in Keysoe in Bedford and is known for the famous ‘water splash’.

James and I made our way over to Bedford and arrived around 45 minutes before the women’s race. We went to check out said ‘water splash’ and I was immediately filled with fear. I’m not keen on being in water, getting wet or muddy – such a girl (rolls eyes).


(Photo credit, Ben Munns)

With the limited time I had, I did a short warm up (which in hindsight was probably not enough as it felt soooo cold) and lined up ready to race.

Today’s game plan was to just run, no pace expectations. I didn’t look at my watch during the race, which I’m usually quite bad for, but only glanced down when each mile ticked over. I ran at effort and tried to drive up the uphills and push at effort on any flat parts. The course was pretty muddy and boggy and with the various races throughout the day, the mud was pretty churned through by the time we raced.

I was pleased with Lap 1, but by the time Lap 2 came around, the course was taking it out of my legs and they became heavier and heavier. I finished in 26:27 over 3.75 miles (avg pace 7:04) and 23rd position overall.

Really happy with that and hope that I can start not being such a girl and recognise cross country is meant to be challenging.

(Left picture, photo credit to Barry Cornelius ( Right picture, photo credit to James Down)

Weekly Mileage Total – 29.6 miles 

Day 14 – Sunday 14th January

Sundays = Long Run

A 7am start and anything 90+ mins was on the plan. I met up with Ben, Stu and ET and we completed a 10 mile route that Stuart took us on. The route was slightly undulating but it was really chatty and the miles did tick through nicely.

My legs felt sooooo heavy in the first few miles after yesterdays Cross Country but the pace felt comfortable. Running to the meeting point and back home again meant I clocked up 12.4 miles and took my weekly mileage up to 42, another record week for me.

A good stretching session is due later as I definitely feel achey now! But YAY to another week of marathon training complete.


Weekly Mileage Total – 42 miles 

Training Total Mileage – 83.8 miles 


YouTube recap of Week 2 here –


Thanks for reading and catch you all next week. xx