London Marathon Training – Week 14

Week 14

Day 72 – Monday 2nd April 

Today was meant to be a rest day but as it was Bank Holiday, the running club was hosting it’s annual ‘History Run’. A run around the local area learning new things about the surroundings and estates we live in. The run was very stop/start so I was allowed to do it on coach’s permission. My first mile was 11:30 min/mile pace so goes to show the kind of run I was going to have. The stopping and starting took its toll on my legs by the end, and then I reminded myself that I’d done 17.5 miles the day before.

Yoga was scheduled at a different time today as it was a Bank Holiday so I’ve booked for another class later on in the week.

Weekly Mileage Total: 7.3 miles


Day 73 – Tuesday 3rd April 

I was looking forward to this session. I’d done a similar run to this last year and it was the one I was dreading the most on my plan. But, I had 3 sets of 5 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute jog. I’d set up my Garmin with the intervals and off I went. I loved the short bursts of effort followed by a floating jog recovery. The last set of the three was beginning to get really tough and I was a lot slower on the recovery but I was still keeping a good pace during the minute efforts. I covered 6.2 miles with the warm up and cool down and some of the minute efforts were at 5:50ish pace.



Weekly Mileage Total: 13.4 miles


Day 74 – Wednesday 4th April 

3 miles, only 3 miles on a Wednesday!!!! I was shocked when I looked at my plan. I had a busy morning so set off late afternoon. I decided to not look at my watch the whole way round before I started. I wanted to go purely by feel and it was quite a liberating feeling not worrying about pace. I completed a route around my estate which I knew was 3 miles. Once I stopped my watch I was shocked to see an average pace of 7:42. Close to marathon pace – oops. I may get told off for this.

A tough double core class tonight. The session I put together was quite advanced, but also really good fun. As they say, you have to be progressive with training to excel. Your body gets used to the same thing every week!

Weekly Mileage Total: 16.4 miles


Day 75 – Thursday 5th April 

5 miles @ 7:15 pace. This was a run that used to fill me with FEAR! It’s basically a tempo run, but the pace has been dictated to me this week. I was going to do a half mile warm up to get into it but I looked down at my watch after what I classed as the warm up and I was bang on pace, so I decided to ditch it and continue on. I did a 2.5 mile route out and back. The route is quite downhill to start with and I felt like I was going too quick (letting off steam in some kind of way too!). I ended up on an average pace of 6:54. I wouldn’t say it was easy and I tried to hold back at times, but I was too quick again.

On my return home, James joked whether I’d been standing outside for 10 minutes or actually went for my run. When I told him the pace, I got a ‘I’m disappointed’ look. James wouldn’t be the kind of coach to tell me off, but his response was ‘you’re only doing detriment to yourself by running that fast’. I’m in the recovery/taper phase so running faster only will hinder me at a later date. Must learn to be more disciplined the next few weeks. Or I’ve been warned my marathon pace will be lowered – ahhhhh!


Weekly Mileage Total: 21.4 miles


Day 76 – Friday 6th April 

Rest day. Ahhhhh.

Today was a long day for me. A 5am start in the studio and an evening out for dinner with friends resulted in being awake for almost 19 hours. Time for sleeeeep!

Weekly Mileage Total: 21.4 miles

Day 77 – Saturday 7th April 

I woke up super tired today. Like really tired. Thursday’s run and a long day yesterday catching up with me.

But off to Northampton park run. I was able to run ‘steady’ but not push too much. I took the first half mile easy and then felt strong so pushed the pace. I felt great and was able to pass quite a few women on the course which was a nice feeling. My breathing got quite heavy in the last half mile but I know I wasn’t pushing at 100%. I finished first lady and in a time of 20:35. Wow. Again, this being a steady park run now is a fantastic feeling. This time last year, a steady park run was 24 minutes.

At lunchtime I went to try out HotPod Yoga at it’s new location in Crownhill. Part way through the class my body was telling me I was shattered. A warning sign that I may have over done it this week (my own fault for Thursday). Cue James saying ‘I told you so’ HAHA! I took the rest of the afternoon off, had a bath and watched rubbish on TV. This is something I never normally do, but I was listening to my body. I wanted to prepare myself for my last long run on the plan and ensure I was rested for it. The worst thing right now would be to have a bad last long run, knocking my confidence.


Weekly Mileage Total: 26.7 miles

Day 78 – Sunday 8th April 

I had 14 miles to complete for my last long run. I would usually head out with the Redway Runners, my local club. But I wanted a good run today so headed out with James and his gang. They had a 10 mile route planned so I went out with Sponsored Athlete Ben for an early 4 miles before meeting up with the others for a route around Milton Keynes. It was a great run for me and the pace ended up at a steady 8:04 pace. I was tired towards the end, but parts of the route were quite up and down. But a brilliant way to end week 14 of training and leaves me in a good spot on Sunday.

Two weeks to go and my plan really scales back now, so I should be feeling super fresh for race day. I can’t believe how close it is!!

The afternoon was exhausting tracking clients in Paris, Manchester and Rotterdam. Some great results and lots of PB’s to recognise and shout about.

Weekly Mileage Total: 41.3 miles

Overall Training Mileage Total: 584 miles