London Marathon Training – Week 13 – The Taper Begins

Week 13

Day 85 – Monday 26th March 

A recovery run of 3 miles. Muscles felt tight to begin with but half a mile in and I was feeling OK. A nice pace of around 8:30 minute/miles and followed straight away by a sports massage.

My next one will now be the week of the Marathon ahhhh!

I went for a lunchtime yoga session today instead of the morning one as I was in the PT studio with Sadie. An afternoon of admin, client training plans and another Monday evening off. At the moment i’m trying to keep at least one evening free for myself now during the week as this used to be a rarity.

Trying to focus a little more on nutrition over the next few weeks. I’m not one to track food and the amount I eat. I know now if I’ve not eaten enough or eaten too much and I’ve been snacking a lot more than I should have done the last 2 weeks. Being tired makes me hungry and the long PT days doesn’t help with this. A Mexican inspired dinner even impressed Chef JD! It’s hard having a boyfriend who is a chef.


Weekly Mileage Total: 3 miles

Day 86 – Tuesday 27th March 

Although I’m tapering, I still will be doing speed sessions on Tuesday’s. The volume of work drops and the pace I’m required to run at is also slower, meaning my body will recover quicker. 400m repeats today, 16 of them!

When I last did 400m repeats, I really enjoyed these so I was actually looking forward to this. The weather wasn’t great to begin with and I’m no fan of running in the rain. I can wrap up for cold and wear minimal clothing in heat, but the rain is my least favourite to run in. Rain automatically makes your head drop and your posture then leans forward and it feels like you’ve given up before even starting.

I sucked it up, got out the car and started my session. Aiming for 6:20 pace. 1 mile warm up and I began. The first 2 reps were slower than I had hoped and this gave me a kick up the backside. Most were then below pace and some were considerably faster. I was loving it!!! My average finished at 6:17 for all reps so I was super happy with that.

I jumped back in my car and headed home with a huge smile on my face. Dad then came over to put up a new shelf I’d recently bought to show off my trophies! Never would I have thought that my running would give me the opportunity to ever come 1st or 2nd Lady.


Weekly Mileage Total: 9.1 miles

Day 87 – Wednesday 28th March 

Today was a 50 minute easy run. Another early start in the studio meant I was up at 5am again.

I had a break in between morning clients so did a light gym session. Again as we are now tapering I completed a normal session but kept the weights lighter and focused more on technique and higher reps.

It was another miserable morning and I thought I would risk saving the run for later that afternoon, hoping the rain would have stopped by then. I had a 90 minute gap later in the afternoon – it was then on never.

Fortunately for me the weather had stopped and I went out for the recovery run. I felt terrible again. Legs were screaming at me, everything just felt tired. I was hoping for some energy to teach double Core Classes later. As always though, no matter how tired or exhausted I feel, these classes uplift my mood and make me feel a million times better. Ending the day well!

Weekly Mileage Total: 15.1 miles

Day 88 – Thursday 29th March

8 miles @ 7:35 pace which is just a tiny bit quicker than marathon pace. My glutes were on fire after my gym session and double core.

After my last early start in the studio this week I was home before lunchtime. It was due to rain in the afternoon so I knew I had to be quick to avoid the bad weather.

I headed out and quickly tried to find pace. First mile 7:41, not bad considering I was warming up into it and this mile is slightly uphill. Then I’m not really sure what happened after this. I was clocking miles at 7:15, 7:09, 7:21! I tried to slow down but couldn’t, I felt strong and form felt good. I was able to reign it in slightly for the last 2 as again these were a little more uphill but I couldn’t believe it when my watch told me I averaged at 7:22. This used to be my tempo pace back in the summer of last year. It didn’t feel completely easy and not how I want to feel on Marathon day, but I was able to sustain it well and considering I’d not had a rest day since last Friday, I thought this was pretty good going.


Weekly Mileage Total: 23.1 miles

Day 89 – Friday 30th March 

2 days of rest planned now! I used to hate taking rest days when I was a gym bunny, felt like I needed to exercise. But I now really understand the importance of rest and recovery.

In the morning I met with the Treatment Lab and filmed a video on knowing when to replace your running trainers –

Treated my Dad to lunch at the newly refurbed Cross Keys in Woolstone which was lovely. Good food and the pub looked incredible. The main menu was the same for the lunch menu, and we were looking for something a bit lighter, only consideration with it but food was still great.

I then met up with my friends in the evening for an Easter catch up. We all caught up on what’s been going on with life and they enjoyed wine and shots. I stuck with my soda water and lime cordial. Years ago I would have been questioned why I wasn’t drinking. Now the girls just know, appreciate and understand. When I’m in marathon mode, I don’t drink – simple. And being best friends they now totally get it. 4 years ago when we were in our early 20s they didn’t understand, but now running and the commitment to it is just a part of me.


Weekly Mileage Total: still 23.1 miles


Day 90 – Saturday 31st March 

Oh yeahhh, another rest day and I have ZERO plans for today (on purpose). A long list of things to do with my blog content and admin things but nothing strenuous. I spent most of the day in my PJs chilling at home and doing work at my own leisure with music and YouTube videos on in the background.

Lent also ends tomorrow so I wanted to do some baking ahead of this. Plus we are going to James’ Mums for Easter lunch so wanted to bring some treats along for the family. On james’ request I made some Easter rice crispie cakes and mini egg rocky road. It was so hard to resist these. For lent this year I’d given up chocolate, popcorn, peanut butter, cake, crisps and biscuits. I will allow myself a few treats tomorrow but not going overboard as I still have the marathon to think of. I can binge on sugar post marathon, just not before!

Weekly Mileage Total: 23.1 miles


Day 91 – Sunday 1st April 

Today I ran 27 miles on my last long run. Pinch, punch, first day of the month. April Fools. Just kidding.

Today the plan was 16 miles. James and I ran from home to the club run and back again. I ended up on 17.4 miles but wasn’t fussed by being slightly over. The route was a little hilly at times so my hips were slightly achey after. We treated ourselves to hot cross buns and some chocolate after the run. I also had a poached egg with avocado on a breaded thin – yum. My favourite.

We then spent the afternoon with James’ family for Easter Lunch. Although I am tapering I still ended the week on over 40 miles. BOOM. London, I am almost ready.


Weekly Mileage Total: 40.7 miles


Marathon Training Total: 542 miles

YouTube Recap-

See you all next week for week 14!