London Marathon Training – Week 11 – Reaching Peak

Week 11

Day 71 – Monday 12th March 

Ouch. I wake up and everything hurts. Yoga, please save me.

I headed out for my usual 10am class and I felt a lot better after this, Also, today I noticed my ankles were stronger than they had been in previous weeks – small win.

I had the evening off, so decided to complete my recovery run with the Redway Runners running club. I worked out it had been over a year since I’d been out for a Monday night run (due to working commitments!). It was really enjoyable, although I had to ask someone I was running with from the start if we could slow the pace down! We moved nicely from 8:20s to 8:40s.

Straight after this I headed over to meet the Need for Speed group for Week 10 and the final session of the course. They are graduating on Saturday at park run, so we ran the course and talked through tactics, where to push, where to hold energy and confidence boosters along the way. They’ve been working on speed for the last 10 weeks and hope to PB this weekend! All in all, 8.6 miles for Monday.


Weekly Mileage Total –  8.6 miles

Day 72 – Tuesday 13th March 

Speed Session. For the first time, I wasn’t dreading this. 400m at 3K pace, 800m at slightly faster than 5K pace, 1600m at 10K pace x 3.

It took me the first set to warm up into it and I really struggled to get any faster than 5K pace on the 800m reps. My body obviously knows how that feels like now as I’ve done a lot of speed work at this pace.

With a warm up and cool down I ended on 7.4 miles. I treated myself to a warming bowl of porridge once I’d finished.


Weekly Mileage Total –  16 miles


Day 73 – Wednesday 14th March 

Easy 8 miles today. Oh boy, I knew this would hurt.

I was up early in the studio with PT clients and had packed my gear ready to head out from the studio. When changing, I realised I had forgotten my headphones. There was no way I was heading out without them, so went home to retrieve my trusty Aftershockz (bone conducting headphones) and picked an 8 mile route from home which I knew. This meant I could run without looking at my watch.

Every step hurt, and it felt like at times I was running backwards. I changed from listening to music to podcasts, it took my mind off the run as I focused on the topics they were discussing. I’ve been listening to the Fit and Fearless Podcast with the #GirlsGains. Three personal trainers and fitness influencers so I can really relate to this podcast. Really interesting and kept my mind elsewhere. After I finished the run, I looked at my stats and actually my pace wasn’t as slow as I had thought.

It was actually the pace I ran my Marathon at last year. Crazy to think that this slowwww pace (or so I thought) I could run today was actually my trying hard marathon pace a year ago. I’ve made some progress hurraaahh!

A much needed Sports Massage with Rudi @ The Treatment. Apparently I had tight calves (which I knew!) and tight glutes (didn’t know!). Need to make sure I use the spikey ball more often on this area. My shin also seem a little inflamed. No pain when standing, walking or running, but sensitive to touch. Rudi suggested this could be the bone adapting to the training intensity and mileage. Something to keep an eye on, but nothing worrying yet.

Back in the evening with 2 x core classes and I was buzzing! Such a great feel from the room and a really good workout and laugh all round.

I got home and was wiped – this marathon training is starting to take its toll. Plus I was constantly hungry today!!!!!!! Must stop eating the whole contents of the kitchen.

Weekly Mileage Total –  24 miles

Day 74 – Thursday 15th March 

Tempo Thursdays are back – wooooooo. If I didn’t have a training plan, I wouldn’t have run today, I would have wanted to give my body a rest. But I knew that was not possible – marathons don’t run themselves!

I had 2 x 20 mins of tempo to complete. I eased into a mile warm up and set off for the first 20 mins. I set up the interval timer on my watch so I didn’t look at pace. I was hoping for around 7 minute miles but I did have a few glances and 7:05 and 7:20 were the only times to flash up. I had around 3 minutes of recovery and set off for the second set. It felt like I had a good rhythm and I again went by feel.

After uploading the run to Garmin Connect it appeared I ran the first set at average pace of 7:02 and second at 6:58. I was really chuffed with that as my legs felt heavy at times and it’s been a really big 6 days. I haven’t had any time off since last Friday so I’m stoked with that!


Weekly Mileage Total –  31.6 miles


Day 75 – Friday 16th March 


Almost 32 miles this week already, my body is craving this. A busy day in the PT studio followed by an evening meal out catching up with my best friend. Carb loading for Sunday’s long run has begun.

Weekly Mileage Total –  31.6 miles


Day 76 – Saturday 17th March 

Easy 5K on the plan for today ahead of tomorrow’s 20 mile race.

My Need for Speed group were graduating at park run today and I wanted to be there to support them, so I headed out really early to make sure I was at the park run start and finish line. It had started to snow so I wrapped up warm. Apparently it was 0 degrees – yikes.

The group did absolutely amazing and many of them achieved new PBs which was just incredible to watch. The group presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers, prosecco and chocolate to say thank you. What a lovely gesture from them all!

Lots of Sunday races started to get cancelled so I kept an eye out for Oakley. The race organisers at 4pm announced the race would still go ahead and another decision would be made in the morning. I tried to stay off of my feet for the rest of the day. If I’m being honest, I felt really tired today with little energy to do much else! The weather forecast was terrible for the race and I began to worry more about the cold and wind rather than the distance!!!!

IMG_9552 2.jpg

Weekly Mileage Total –  34.7 miles


Day 76 – Sunday 18th March 

Oakley 20.

I woke up to a text at 5am to say the race had been cancelled due to snow, ice and windy conditions. Completely understandable as it would be unfair for the organisers and marshals to be outside for all of that time and to risk injury to any of the runners.

James, Nev and Simon had 12 miles on their plan, so I met up with them to complete their loop and run home to make up the extra 8 miles. The run started at 7am so I didn’t have much time between the race being cancelled and getting my act together for the run.

I struggled during the first few miles, maybe my body waking up and the cold weather. We kept the pace relatively easy due to the ground being slippy. Once the boys had finished the 12, I grabbed my headphones and headed home for the final 8. This part of the run was quite good, maybe because I had a point to reach or the music for motivation.

Throughout the run, I practiced my Marathon gel routine (i.e. every 5 miles) so took a gel at 5, 10 and 15. This seemed to work quite well.

At the end of the run I was really happy as I felt like I had more left in me and my body didn’t completely ache. This time last year the last few miles of a long run would be really tough!

Not the 20 mile race I was expecting, but a decent long run either way. Ending the week on another high mileage week. 5 weeks to go ahhhhhh.


Weekly Mileage Total –  54.7 miles


Full Training Total –  458 miles

YouTube Video Recap of Week 11 –


Slightly different weather conditions compared to last Sunday!