London Marathon Training – Week 10

Week 10

Day 64 – Monday 5th March 

The day after the Cyprus Half Marathon and my legs weren’t feeling as bad as I thought they would be. Perhaps I didn’t push hard enough yesterday, or my usual recovery drink had helped my muscles!

James and I went out for a 5 mile recovery run and I really enjoyed this. We headed back down to the beachfront and ran past lots of lovely hotels and the sea front. I really enjoyed taking this all in and very pleased with the pace. 8:02 average per mile.

Taking advantage of these warmer temperatures and trying not to complain about the humidity compared to back home. I’m allowing myself a few days to relax with my nutrition but ensuring I don’t go overboard. We had a lovely lunch by the beach and ended up in a few bars for the rest of the afternoon!

Weekly Mileage Total –  5 miles

Day 65 – Tuesday 6th March 

Double run day.

The first run was meant to be an easy 5k to loosen up our legs for the session later, however, on our journey we found a running track. It appeared to be open so we went to take a look. We weren’t kicked off the track so we decided to run here instead. A 2 mile warm up meant we were ready to go!

We completed 400m (1 lap), 800m (2 laps), 1200m (3 laps), 800m (2 laps), 400m (1 lap), with 1 minute recovery in between each set. I’m not sure if I’ve done a session like this on the track before so I actually really enjoyed this. My average pace was 6 minute miles so was very happy with my performance. We ran back as a cool down. It’s crazy how although you feel like you’re running slow, after a speed session your legs get carried away with the pace.

We headed out for lunch and another walk along the sea front. By the time it had got round to the second run of the day, I’d already completed 18,000 steps and my legs were starting to feel heavy. Secretly I was pleased we’d done the intervals in the morning and wasn’t sure how my legs would respond. As predicted they were heavy and it was a bit of a battle. 2.3 miles into the run my legs started to feel OK, shocking, when the run was almost over!

14.5 miles covered in total today and almost 23,000 steps. No wonder I felt tired.


Weekly Mileage Total – 14 miles

Day 66 – Wednesday 7th March 

James and I headed out for an 8 mile run. We started the run at 11am and so it was getting quite HOT in Cyprus. We had planned to finish our run by a place called ‘The Tomb of Kings’ and to meet the other guys there. We planned our route to run along the beach front, to find the ‘Tombs’ and then complete an out and back from there so we knew where we needed to be later on.

Personally, at points I found this run quite tough. The heat, the pace, a culmination of miles over the past few days. On the other hand, it was James’ favourite run. I find it tough running with James sometimes, with no detriment to him. Running with someone quicker than you can be quite difficult. After I finished I felt good but at the time, it wasn’t as pleasant as I’d hoped. Some beautiful scenery though which made it a lovely run and I remembered to take it all and recognise how lucky I was to be training in weather like this.


Weekly Mileage Total – 22 miles


Day 67 – Thursday 8th March 

Rest Day and travelling back from Cyprus – booooo!

The weather was gorgeous in Paphos so I took advantage of the final day and headed out early for an early stroll along the beach front. I ended up walking almost 12 miles by the end of the day!


Weekly Mileage Total – 22 miles


Day 68 – Friday 9th March 

Rest Day and first day back in the PT studio with clients. It was great to catch up with everyone and in a small gap I had in the day, I did a light gym session myself.

I kept the weights light but did a full body workout including squats, lunges, glute bridges, shoulder press, TRX rows and press ups. It felt great to be back with the weights. I must admit, working in the studio all day makes it hard for me to then train myself, but after a break of being away I really enjoyed this.

Weekly Mileage Total – 22 miles

Day 69 – Saturday 10th March 

5K easy on the plan today so I decided to head along to park run. James also had park run on his plan – his first one in I don’t know how long!!! So we joined a few other friends for a reverse lap of the route as a warm up. It was nice and chatty but once looking at the pace it was a lot slower than usual. The week must be catching up with me.

I found Ben (one of our sponsored athletes) at the start line and we had a nice chatty park run with a sprint finish to end. We chatted the whole way round and the time went really quickly. Taking me up to almost 30 miles for the week already.

Washing and feet up for the rest of the day was the goal, catching up with admin and my blog after being away for the week. I did manage to catch up with my Dad at IKEA which was nice too and told him all about my holiday.


Weekly Mileage Total – 29.6 miles

Day 70 – Sunday 11th March 

The Milton Keynes Festival of Running – Race Day.

This is a local organised event and I love getting involved with these, just for the sheer fact of how many other of my club runners complete these events and make the day extra special.

This race has a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and 20 Mile Option. I did the 20 mile option back in 2015 and this course broke me. OK, a bit of an exaggeration, but I discovered I had a stress fracture after this race. It was a build up of too much mileage overall in my plan and I had to withdraw from the London Marathon that year because of it. I’ve done the half marathon a few times and after completing  a few halfs recently I wanted to do something different. So, Coach JD allowed me to race the 10k, as long as I built up extra miles after the race and later that evening. I am currently preparing for the Oakley 20 race next Sunday so needed a half decent amount of miles today.

I wanted to prove myself today. When I PB’d at the Winter Half, I had given it my everything. I poured my soul into that race. At Cyprus last weekend, I tried very hard, but on reflection don’t think I fully committed to a PB attempt. Which is fine, as I wanted to enjoy the race. But, today I was a girl on a mission. I read Gemma Hockett’s (Marathon Girl) blog post about her recent Cambridge Half Marathon Race and she gave it her all, which resulted in an impressive time of 1 hour 26. This gave me the fire to really give this 10K my best shot.

The course is not the best for a PB attempt. The first 5K is really downhill so I was told to take advantage of this. OH BOY, I SURE DID. I went through 5K in a new time which during a 5K race would have been a PB 19:36. On a flat course that could have potentially got me close to 40 minutes, but I knew the final 2 miles were going to be a slog with Beacon Hill at the end, which I can only describe as BRUTAL. I knew this would bank me extra time at the end.

But, after 5K I soon began to fade. Everything hurt. I wanted to stop. I wanted to walk.

But the voices in my head told me not to, what would your clients think of you. A DNF! No way, this wasn’t happening. Just keep going, even if you don’t PB. DO NOT QUIT.

Around 5K I think I was 4th lady, not long after this I overtook 3rd lady and with around 3/4 of a mile to go I overtook 3rd – I WAS IN SECOND PLACE – OMG.

Beacon Hill to get through and then just around the corner. I looked at my watch in almost disgust as I still had another 0.5 miles to go. The end was in sight and my Dad was waiting at the end for me – make him proud!

I crossed the line in 41.02, 2nd lady and a new PB shaving 1 minute 27 seconds off my last PB.

The rest of the morning was epic as I cheered Sally (sponsored athlete) and Caroline (client) through the line, before going to help Beth through to the finish line to complete her first 10K and help Ben through the last mile to achieve his first sub 90 half marathon – BOOM. So many other clients smashed their races that day and I really was bursting with joy and  pride. One very happy coach. I ended up completing over 9 miles running (14 miles including other walking miles) that morning in total with the warm up, race, cool down and helping clients to the finish line.

Later that day we treated my (step) Mum to a Mothers Day’s Meal before I had to head out for my second run of the day. The plan was 6-8 miles but 2 miles into the run my right calf cramped up, I had to stop and stretch it out. I panicked and with the rain, standing wet, soaked and drained I began to cry. I was with James and lucky to have him there. I started to doubt if I could achieve a good time at the London Marathon and feared injury again after my terrible day in 2015. I was thinking this race was a curse on me. After a good talking to, we cut the route short and finished on 4.5 miles. Almost 15 miles for the day and time to call it quits. I reunited myself with my foam roller and booked into my Monday morning yoga class as soon as I could.

Coach JD also finished my training plan this evening and I was buzzing to see the tapering part of the plan (a reduction in mileage and intensity). A few more weeks of intense training before the fun can begin wooo. Ending the week on a high and looking forward to getting stuck in for Week 11.

Weekly Mileage Total – 43.5 miles


Full Training Total – 403 miles


Week 10 in Training – YouTube Video