London Marathon Prep Workshop

Join the coaches Katie and James from The Running Hub for an online workshop on Tuesday 29th March at 7pm to help you get prepared for the London Marathon on Sunday 2nd October 2022.
(This workshop will also apply if you are doing another Autumn Marathon)

Have you got a charity or ballot spot this year and want to know more about the course and how to best prepare yourself? Or have you got a GFA time and want to know how to improve your PB? Then this workshop is for you!

We’ll talk you through The Running Hub method to training for a marathon, what to do to be ready to tackle the 26.2 distance and how to be on that start line feeling both ready and confident.

Coach Katie

LDN 2014… 3:54
LDN 2017 – 3:44
LDN 2018 – 3:32
LDN 2019 – 3:22
NY 2019 – 3:32

Coach James

MAN 2014 – 2:56
NY – 2014 – 2:59
LDN 2016 – 3:05
BRI 2018 – 3:10

In this workshop we will cover:
– The magic of the London Marathon
– The Running Hub training method
– How to get the most out of your training in the lead up to October
– How to stay injury free throughout the summer
– Our best tips to tackle the course
– What to do in order to hit your next PB
– How to balance fundraising and training
– Q&A Session – your opportunity to ask the coaches anything!

Essentially, we want you to be standing on that start line on 2nd October, feeling more confident and stronger than you’ve ever felt before!

The Running Hub gave me structure, accountability and opened my eyes to a variety of paces in my running rather than running at just one pace for everything!

It has given me the confidence and belief through the training, support and community to drive forward and achieve my goals.

For London, I was able to go from a casual 5k runner to being comfortably able to run a marathon with now an aim for a much improved time in Paris and just generally feeling fitter and stronger in myself and my training. Dan Balsdon

London Marathon – my childhood dream. I’ve been coaching with Katie for some time now, together, we have achieved many “goals” – mostly time and in the case of ultra’s completion together with an element of fun. 
The remarkable thing about Katie is that she is able to hone in on these feelings, even when you are saying the “right” things, she is able unpick what it is you are thinking to make your goals about what you *want* to achieve, not what you *think* you should achieve. 
I ran THE London Marathon and had THE time of my life… even after 26.2 miles I didn’t want it to end. So much so, one of the finish stewards told me my smile couldn’t get any bigger, but they would have to move me along! I felt strong, in body and mind, knowing I was going to make it a race I will never forget. Mission accomplished – without Katie and the guidance it wouldn’t have been half the race I wanted it to be. Naomi Avery

In 2018 I approached The Running Hub and Katie to coach me to run a London Good For Age time.
By the time my spot came around in 2021 (thanks Covid) The Running Hub coaching had me on the Championship start line so there was no question as to who I would be seeing through the journey to London with.
Katie knows what works for me, a personalised plan, building in the sessions I love and love to hate but that push me to the next step.
And now as part of The Running Hub Community I’ve got a whole team to keep me motivated on the hard days and to share the wins with,. And on the big day having a great cheer squad just after Tower Bridge was the icing on the cake. I’ve also managed to secure a spot for the 2022 race so see you again soon team. Sammy Grainger