Life Update…

It’s been around four weeks since my last blog post and I decided that I would take a short break from blogging after the St Alban’s Half for a few reasons.

  1. I needed some time out from blogging every week. I thought I’d stop clogging everyone’s news feeds with my updates and also take some time out to develop some new content. Despite enjoying blogging, it took a lot of time at and some weeks were easier to blog than others.
  2. I’ve also recently been away on holiday with my family & boyfriend. We went to Spain for a week to relax, eat good food, drink wine & cocktails with great company.
  3. I’ve also got some upsetting news to update you on…

Over the past month, I have received some amazing feedback from my recent blog posts from people who have followed my St Albans journey. I have quite enjoyed taking a break from a structured training and work plan and have filled my time by using platforms of Social Media. The break has allowed me to brainstorm the direction I would like to take my blog next and given me huge motivation to keep this going.
The holiday also did me the world of good. The pressures of everyday life were getting to me before I went away and the trip couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I thoroughly enjoyed breaking my usual routine and the hardest decision of the day being, what restaurant we were going to for dinner. My family and I had some good laughs, ate in delicious restaurants and soaked up the Spanish sunshine. I came back revitalised and with a different mind-set. Bread and ice-cream featured in my diet every single day. I must admit that I’ve found it quite hard to get back into a routine with healthy eating since being home and often claim, I’ll start again tomorrow!
This then brings me onto the next point, which is also one of the reasons that I’ve been distant with my blog again & feeling a little lost with the health and fitness side recently.
I hate having to type this…. BUT I’M INJURED!!!


I honestly can’t explain how this has happened and I can’t begin to describe how devastated I am. The week after the half marathon I continued with my running, however, on the Sunday I did a run of around 10 miles. I felt some pain in my leg but I thought it was minimal and was surprised that it had come out of nowhere. I was then only 5 days out from holiday so decided to stop running and to focus the last few days in the gym. Whilst I was away I found it hard to not exercise at all and tried a short run half way through the holiday. I only managed about 2 miles and my leg was hurting for most of the run. I tried to convince myself it was tight muscles. How wrong I was… As soon as I stopped I could tell something was not right and was in a fair bit of pain the rest of the day. I was on holiday so tried to forget about the situation and would seek help when I was home.
The day after getting back from holiday, the pain had yet to subside and off I took myself to A&E again. My last experience was not a pleasant one so I was really dreading it. I won’t go into too much detail, but I was seen by the same lovely nurse as before who actually remembered me! I was referred for another X-Ray but it didn’t show a lot and if anything my last injuries seemed to have healed OK. I’ve since been to my GP to get a referral back to the fracture clinic and ask for some blood tests to try and find some answers.
So there we are, back to square 1 and a little unsure on what is next for me in regards to running. I have a feeling it’s another stress fracture but only time will tell.
I can still cycle on the bike at the gym and weight train with minimal impact on my legs. I’ll have to find myself a new focus in the meantime and channel my energy elsewhere.
I won’t let this affect what I achieved before, but is just an unfortunate situation. It has however, motivated me to carry on this blog and search for another direction with it.
Any kind words and cuddles are appreciated!
I hope to be back soon with some further updates. Positive Vibes!!