LDN Marathon Series – Week 1 in Training

Sunday 1st January 2017
The first day of the first month in 2017! Happy New Year.
Today marks exactly 16 weeks between me and the start line (and of course the finish) of the London Marathon. I put together the final touches to my programme and compared this to my diary. January is going to be a very busy one for me as I try to balance finishing my Personal Training Course on the 22nd of this month, organising my launch event for my new Business Venture Clean Coach Katie on the 28th, my current job – freelance Events work (4 days a week), oh and actually trying to squeeze the marathon training in there somewhere. Plus time for some form of social life!!!
Despite this, I am ready and eager to begin my training.
DAY ONE – REST DAY haha. Today we went on a Beer Walk (aka a civilised pub crawl) with a large group of friends before finishing up with a traditional Pie & Mash evening. I would say that this is a great start to my training. LOL. I held back on the alcohol as after a lovely Christmas I just wasn’t up to drinking much. A lot of my friends and family know that I can go through phases of not drinking alcohol at all. Back in 2014 when I completed the London Marathon, not a single alcoholic beverage passed my lips from 1st January until I had finished the race. I felt it had a huge impact on my performance and also made those Sunday long runs a hell of a lot easier without a hangover.
Weekly Mileage – 0
(although I did over 10,000 steps, which worked out at around 4 miles, it’s all time spent on feet, surely this counts for something, right?)
Monday 2nd January
As I will be completing most of my long runs on Sunday’s, Monday will be a day for Yoga. So, what better way to officially kick start my training by a nice session this morning. A 45 minute class eased me back in nicely after a few weeks break from Yoga. I usually go the HotPod classes, however, another local business called Sweat Studios had an introductory deal of 30 days for £39 in January. This location is a bit closer to home and they offer both hot and non-hot classes on their vast timetable. I look forward to trying out some more of their sessions this month.
I’ve mentioned the benefit of Yoga in one of my previous blog posts, and although it’s great for stretching out tight muscles and improving flexibility, it is also a great workout at the same time. Core strength is so important for runners and doing Yoga really helps with this. Ditch the sit-ups and try a class instead would be my advice.
Later that afternoon I didn’t feel too well, not sure if it was down to not drinking enough water, so I rehydrated and relaxed a little on the sofa.
After going a bit stir crazy for sitting down for too long, I had to get out of the house. I braved my local Pure Gym for a strength session, mainly focusing on my hamstrings and quads. Lunges and squats with barbells and kettlebells, will all help to increase the strength in my legs and keep them going for the whole 26.2.
After this I finished up with a short 2 mile run on the treadmill. My belly was rumbling and it was getting late so I headed home for some dinner and an early’ish night.
Weekly Mileage – 2
Tuesday 3rd January
5 miles were on the training plan for today so I got up early and had a decent sized bowl of porridge for breakfast. In the past I’ve tried numerous pre-run fuel and have found this works best for me.
Porridge with toppings like banana or blueberries, bagels and toast are all good before heading out for a run. I would recommend eating 1 – 2 hours before as well to let your food digest. Trial and error is the best way to find out what you works best for you.
I have a selection of routes from my house which range between 3 – 6 miles, so had the route planned out in my head already. As the temperature had dropped overnight the ground was quite icy. I decided to take this run a little slower than usual just to be on the safe side. I am also very clumsy so did not want to risk falling over. The fresh air was welcomed and although I did wrap up warm, I averaged out at 8 minutes 50 seconds per mile.
I ran a few errands after the run and headed into London with my best friend for Afternoon Tea. This was a belated birthday present for her, and as she’s going away on the 9th for 4 months on her travels, a perfect way to spend some quality time together.

We stopped off in Covent Garden for a glass of wine before heading home. Both of us had to prepare ourselves for work the next day after 2 weeks off for Christmas (ouch!).
Weekly Mileage – 7
(another 4 miles of walking were clocked on top of this after through our little trip in London and over 15,000 steps for the day)
Wednesday 4th January
First day back in the office after the Christmas break and a huge shock to the system. It was lovely to see the team and catch up after the festive period, but straight back to it with many Events in Quarter 1 upcoming to organise.
After work I had a consultation call with a new client before heading to the Gym. Pure Gym has a great online dashboard which shows you how many people are currently in there. The number said 100+ before I left work, not including all the other 9-5ers who would be arriving shortly. I was not looking forward to the mad rush that I was about to hit. I was secretly hoping that I couldn’t find a car parking space which would allow me to not go. (I know that sounds bad). As I pulled up to the car park I could see it was very busy, gulp. I entered the one way system and got closer to the gym entrance, someone pulled out of a space just in front of me and with a huge queue behind I had to take the space. Damn it. Just kidding.
But as expected the gym was absolutely heaving. I’d never seen it that busy. I found a small space in the corner and grabbed a barbell and completed a short upper body circuit. I then wandered upstairs to find a mat and did a few more dumbbell exercises before finishing off with some core work. A short and sweet workout lasting around 45 minutes, but happy with what I had achieved. A goal of mine this month is to be able to do 10 full press ups and this evening I managed 6 and a half. (I know 10 is not a lot but I’m not ashamed and recognise upper body strength is a weakness of mine). The 7th was an epic fail as I managed to get my chest to the ground, but struggled to push myself back up. I fell in a heap on the floor and giggled to myself. I got a few looks but I was pleased with my progress. This year I have not set myself New Years Resolutions, but am going to set out new goals each month to keep moving forward positively throughout the whole year.
I then had a yoga class booked for 8pm. I was due to go with my Mum but she text me just before to say she couldn’t make it. Off I went to Sweat Studios for my first hot class there. And boy was it sweaty. I really really enjoyed this class as it was quite different to other hot classes I had done before. Challenging, but not too hard and I was able to practice some new yoga poses I had not tried before.
As I left the studio I checked my phone to find out my sister had gone into labour. It was a very good idea that my Mum cancelled on me earlier and I could now see why! I went home to shower, refuel and awaited baby news. I stayed up till 1am, but with no further updates I went to bed, now regretting staying up so late as I set my alarm for 6am.
Weekly Mileage – Still at 7
Thursday 5th January
I woke up to no baby’s updates, and my poor sister was still in labour. As I had plans for Thursday evening and the potential of meeting my new baby nephew I knew my run had to be completed this morning. However, after only 5 hours sleep I almost let my alarm clock win. As I lay there, I reminded myself every run will help in the long term and managed to make it out of bed and into my running gear. A treadmill run was on the cards as I really can’t risk going outdoors on my own in the dark. The thermometer in my car also said- 3 brrrrr so I’m pleased I picked this option rather than heading outdoors. I know I’m a wimp but I just don’t like running in the dark on my own.
5 miles was on the training plan, but honestly I could not get past 4 miles today. My mindset was not in the right place as soon as I began and each mile was a hard slog. It just goes to show how much of a mental barrier a Marathon can be rather than a physical one.
Note to self… no more treadmill miles.
In the evening I headed over to a friends house for a lovely catch up and then went over to my parents to eagerly await the news from the hospital.
My nephew, Teddy was born at 11:17pm, weighing 6lbs! I was over the moon for my sister and her boyfriend Marc and could not wait to meet the little guy.
Weekly Mileage– 11
Friday 6th January
Early doors spin class booked in for 6:15 – ouch. The lack of sleep is definitely catching up on me.
As I’ve suffered previously with injury, I’m limiting myself to 4 runs a week.Having spin classes as part of my training, these will help to increase my cardiovascular endurance without causing too much strain to my legs. The class was only half hour so I complimented this with another 20 minutes strength and conditioning work and some stretch work on the mats.
This evening I was able to meet my beautiful nephew Teddy. What a lovely start to weekend 🙂 He was absolutely gorgeous and is a lovely addition to the family.
From here I headed out for dinner this to celebrate a friend’s birthday. A very busy social calendar in the first week of January – what is going on? I swear the rest of the month won’t be as fun so I may as well get this in here whilst I can.
Saturday 7th January
REST – hallejuah!!!!
In my training plan I have Saturday frequently marked as a rest to prepare for the Long Sunday Runs (also known as LSR).
Today marks the penultimate weekend of my Personal Training course and one step closer to following my dream. A full day was spent in the classroom to prepare for our exams.
After the course I had some work to do for some of my nutrition clients before heading out for another social occasion this evening. Two celebrations in one, Lynnie’s birthday and saying goodbye to my best friend Freya and her boyfriend Jack before they take a round the world trip. No booze for me this evening, sober raver, cheesy quaver. I still had a great evening and fought back the tears.
Sunday 8th January
Unfortunately I missed out on the Sunday run with my running club (Redway Runners). I was absolutely gutted that I was missing out as I knew the turn out would be huge and this is always my favourite one of the week. I heard there was around 140 runners today – wow! What an amazing community.
Once the course had finished, the sun was just about to set. I knew I had around 30 minutes before it got dark so went out for a quick 5K. Happy to have got some miles in the bank rather than nothing.
Oh and remember that target of 10 press ups, today I achieved just that – BOOM! Encouragement from my class mates helped me to achieve this. Surround yourself with those who positively motivate you.
Monday 9th January 
8 – 9 miles was on yesterday’s plan so this evening I joined the club to make up the miles I had missed out on.
I ended up on around 9.3 and was pleased with how I felt. This was my longest run in a long while so a great start to my training.
(I won’t count these towards Week 1’s Mileage Total)
I’m happy at the end of Week 1, however, it just goes to show how life often gets in the way when we are busy. It’s OK if you miss a session, or don’t do what you had planned. Forget about it, move on and remember that tomorrow is always a new day.
I’ve found it slightly difficult to get some structure and consistency back into my training after the Christmas break as my training admittedly was quite sporadic.
One week down, only fifteen more to go!