LDN Marathon Series – How bad do you want it?

We’re now into early stages of week 6 of marathon training and the mileage is building up quite nicely.
Last Sunday (29th Jan) saw me reach 12 miles, my longest run so far in training but also my longest run since I took on the St Albans marathon last June. A big milestone for me, and after feeling strong throughout I was ecstatic. I’m on track with training and finding my ‘more relaxed’ approach is paying off.
(I documented this in a YoutTube video found here: YouTube Video. How I prepared for my long run, what food I ate and how I went about fitting a race into the milage.)
I don’t mean relaxed in doing whatever the hell I like, as I am following a plan. But each week I am having to consciously structure my week accordingly and be flexible where it needs to be. If I don’t end up running or hitting a certain mileage on a day I was supposed to, I don’t sweat. I may complete a shorter run that day or mix up the next session to focus on speed instead to ensure I’m covering then right intensity with my training overall. One Sunday I did 5 miles as I was stuck for time. Could I still run 12 miles last weekend? Yes! My other training is clearly paying off and not hindering me at all.
Everyone claims they’re ‘busy’ these days.
“Sorry I forgot to reply to your message.
I couldn’t fit in the gym this week.
I’ve had no time at all to think about anything”.
So Many Things To Do List
And although everyone claims this, the past few weeks have seen me juggle quite a few things (hence the more relaxed approach). Finishing my PT course, revising furiously for the exams, hosting my first fitness event, free lance event work and organising a charity quiz night for my marathon training. Somehow I’ve actually managed to fit in the miles in there too! I’ve had to weigh up my priorities and put the important things higher up the list. My social life has taken a bit of a sacrifice but I’m very fortunate to have such a strong support network who understand. Being a part of the running club allows me to be social and I’ve met some amazing people in the process, not just Facebook ‘friends’.

Me after qualifying from my PT course! 

Back to the busy part of my life… In the past, I would have crumbled, buckled and broken down with the amount of things I had to think about. There’s no two ways about it, I am emotionally weak. But at the moment, I’m cool, calm and collected (well most of the time haha!). I think I can put this down to having a more holistic view on life, with everything that’s happened over the past year and having experience under my belt, I’ve realised that you can’t get anywhere fast without working hard. I constantly question myself, how bad do you want it?
I want to run this marathon and do well.
I want to be able to survive the whole 26.2 without feeling like I’m carrying metal legs by mile 20.
I want to experience the feeling I had back in 2014.

I am doing this not only for me but for my charity, Children with Cancer UK.

That’s how bad I want it. It’s not just about me, but the many people it will help. Therefore, getting up every Sunday to fit in a long run is nothing compared to what others have to go through. The aches & pains I get every Monday will be worth it come 23rd April.
Now I know I want it that bad, I’m having to effectively manage my time and is ultimately the game changer in how I’ve been able to fit everything in despite a manic schedule. Things are only about to get busier so this is going to be crucial in the upcoming months.
I’ve submerged myself in training and my business, scheduling out my days and planning out exactly what I have going on for the day ahead. I rarely get a chance to ‘chill out’ or sit down on the sofa but I would rather my calendar be full of things that I love to do and that I know will benefit me in the long term. I was up at just after 5am the other day to get in some miles on a 6am run! You think I must be mad? But I knew I didn’t have another opportunity to run for a couple of days so put it into my diary and stuck with it. That’s how bad I want it!!

My morning run in Barcelona this weekend – 10 miles despite being away. 

If you’re new to training in the gym or have taken your running programme to the next level, then this is crucial to your success. Weigh out how bad you want it….
Plan out your week ahead and then continue to break down each day with the tasks you have to complete. Think about it realistically and put time in for when you are going to train. I’m a lot more fortunate as I don’t have a family who depend on me, no children to consider so I can train at a time that suits me as long as my schedule permits.
But, having a plan in place holds me accountable and means I’m more likely to stick with it.
Now, plan out your week and go get it!!