I've been cheating!

That’s right, I’ve cheated on Rymora Sports… Recently I’ve been trying out the aZengear Compression Socks. 

(pictured below)


If you know me well, then you’ll know that I usually wear Rymora Compression Sleeves to race in (sold on amazon). They’ve also kind of, become a lucky charm – as I always seem to perform well when wearing them.

I wrote another blog post recently on why I wear them and their benefits  – Compression Sleeves or Fashion Statement?

(Bedford Half Marathon)


I must admit, when aZengear asked me to trial a pair I felt like I was cheating on Rymora!

But I’m always happy to try out new products and you can never have enough running kit. Who else feels like their washing machine is on? Constantly having gym and running kit going through the wash!


I ordered the socks off of amazon and they came in options of either blue or pink. With the CCK branding, I obviously went for pink! I love the detailing and the name at the top of the socks.


They arrived really quickly and I was very impressed with the material and also the fit.
I’ve found with some other compression socks that they sit around the knee area and can often fall down whilst running and a reason why I prefer ‘sleeves’ to full socks usually.

The first time I tried these was straight after my holiday and at a point where I’d not been wearing any form of compression whilst running for a week. Therefore, my legs were very grateful to be back supported again.


Unlike some other products, these socks are hand wash only – which I realised after I had put them in the wash – oops! But they turned out fine and have been worn since with no problems.


If you suffer with tight calves or shin splints then I would definitely recommend buying some Compression Socks to help promote blood flow in the lower legs and also aid in recovery. They’re also good to wear after a run for these reasons!


They’ve been a saviour in my training and also a very good form of injury prevention. Look after yourself and the socks will look after you 😉


Clean Coach Katie