This marathon training business has been one hell of a process second time round.
This morning I had planned to run for 2 hours and 45 minutes. With a steady pace, I was aiming for around 18 miles, the furthest run to date this year.
The club run with the Redway Runners was 2 hours and 30 minutes, so the original plan was to get out early and do a 15 minute warm up before the real fun began.
Unfortunately, the bad weather put me off, and as always, I was running late, so decided that I would carry on at the end. In hindsight that was a bad idea and I’ve quickly learnt that hindsight is a wonderful thing!
The run was ‘OK’ today. I did the club run of 2 hours 30 and did 16 miles, but I couldn’t mentally or physically bring myself to carry on for the extra distance on my own.
I headed home pleased with the fact that I’d run 16 miles and that I could walk away from a run with it not going to plan and not feeling any guilt. I listened to my body and it just did not want to go any further.
In the afternoon I had to carry out a few errands around IKEA, B&Q and doing the food shop, which bought me over the 18-mile marker for the day anyway. As they say ‘time on the feet’ and all that jazz.
Lessons Learnt:

  • If it doesn’t go to plan, you have not failed
  • If you want the extra miles, go out and get them done first!

Recently, I’ve been doing some mobility work with a ‘movement specialist’. I’ve been able to go from running with orthotics in my shoes (which I’ve had for years), to running without them (almost pain free) since January. The transformation in a number of weeks has been incredible. My knees klick less and my shins are holding out for once, hallelujah!
Yesterday I went to see Mark for some more mobility work as my calf has been under strain the last week or so (due to the new style of running and placement of my feet). It felt good today though, so something’s obviously working.
Mark is also running the London Marathon and we shared stories of our training to date.
I honestly wish I had my camera out to film Mark and some of the stuff he was saying.
As runners we really analyse too much and forget the pure purpose of what we’re trying to achieve.
OK, some of the stuff may be controversial and not everyone may agree with it. But he questioned how I was feeling ahead of race day and if I’d given thought into the time I wanted out of London.
We discussed my ideal and what I thought was achievable and then asked me the question:
‘Are you racing or running London?’
I quickly questioned him back by saying, ‘what do you mean?’
He carried on to say that if you’re in the top 1% of runners you’re racing, anything under that you’re running.
Run to enjoy the day and run to complete the marathon. You’re doing it for yourself and the charity only. Not to race the person next to you.
And he’s so right, I’m not racing London as I’m not Paula Radcliffe or Jo Pavey. I’m Katie Tucker, I’m running to raise money for Children with Cancer UK and I’m going to run 26.2 miles in the time that I cross that line.
We then went on to discuss ‘getting what we deserve’.
As runners we’re very quick to blame a number of external factors as to why we didn’t get the time we wanted to achieve during a run/race:

  • I didn’t get my fuelling right
  • I didn’t have the time to train as much as I had hoped
  • My legs weren’t feeling it today
  • I wasn’t focused or mentally prepared.

But on reflection, this morning I GOT WHAT I DESERVED. I chose not to head out for those extra 2 miles before the run and as a result didn’t finish with the time or distance I had wanted.
Right now with what I’ve put in I’m pretty sure I’m capable of a PB (which currently stands at 3:54). But to shave 10 minutes off, right now, I’m not so sure. My training has gone well with the time that I’ve had. But with launching and working on two businesses, my schedule has been tight and sometimes work has taken priority over training. This is my choice and I’m fully aware of this.
My body and mind will allow me to be capable of what I deserve come 23rd April.
6 weeks to go people, ONLY 6 weeks to go! I’m feeling good as this is a journey. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve failed at times. But without these failures, I would have not learnt what I know now.
Lessons Learnt:

  • If I’m worthy of a sub 3:45 marathon, then I will be, because that’s the time I deserve.
  • Failure is not a bad thing, learn from it, grow and rectify previous mistakes.

Progress still to be made, but I’m ready for what the next few weeks will hold. BRING IT ON!
Head is still kept up high & that smile is still on my face 🙂