Helen Brown – Testimonial – 10K Training Plan


I met Clean Coach Katie at her core classes – always good fun. She was approachable, and someone who I thought would build my confidence.

After I’d run my first marathon, I knew I wanted to get faster (so the pain of running a marathon would be shorter) but I didn’t know who to train properly. I looked at running plans online but they never seemed to fit my schedule and I didn’t know how to pace myself either.

Katie’s plan was clear and manageable. It gradually encouraged me to run faster and I began to feel stronger. I’d struggled with pacing myself in races but when I ran my target 10K race, I was able to hold my target pace and achieve a personal best – even though it was a very hot day.

Katie was always encouraging and upbeat about my progress. If I had any extra questions, she always got back to me quickly. She genuinely cares about her clients and I’d recommend her coaching.

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