Georgina McNulty – Client Testimonal

Georgina McNulty

The most glamourous but hard working runner I have ever met!

“I have been a keen runner for the past 7 years always completing the London Marathon every year except 2016. I have no real knowledge of what marathon training is just went with “GET AS MANY MILES IN AND I’D BE OK”.  I did complete the Marathons in a good time however my speed never really improved and I was just doing the same routine year after year! But getting older at the same time…

Last year I started watching You Tube videos. As I work away a lot, it can be boring in hotel rooms with limited TV channels.

This is when I discovered Clean Coach Katie! I had recently split up from an abusive partner so funds were limited however I followed her videos, Instagram posts and her London Marathon Journey in 2017. I was a complete fan and so inspired from her constant improvement and PB’s.

I have no personal confidence and seeing Katie progress was so inspirational. In fac,t I was jealous thinking I wish that was me, but at the time was feeling low and running kept me sane!

In January 2018 I was in training for the London Marathon once again and was in 100% a better place mentally and financially and wanted some professional help to get me faster. I had nobody else in mind but Katie! I emailed her and we were in contact that evening.

The rest is just a happy journey. Katie devised monthly plans which were so different to my normal “get as many miles in as you can” and pushed my body beyond my normal limits. I loved it and was starting to feel and see my running pace improve.

In my previous years I have never done Tempo runs or speed sessions and at first I hated it. But once it was completed off the plan I loved the buzz I get from “I have just done that mile in that pace”!!!!!!

Katie has supported me through my low confidence moments and a highlight of my training being running a PB at the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon at 1.53 in March this year in the snow! I was elated and was all down to the plan Katie had given me.

Fast forward to London Marathon and to be fair this was nobody’s race this year and I had to slow my pace down to stay safe! But I was happy with my finish time considering the conditions.

I am continuing to work with Katie and my focus at the moment is speed work for half marathon distance and my 10K pace. I look forward to the training plans, seeing me smash the targets and overall run at a more faster comfortable pace.

Before starting with Clean Coach Katie I knew nothing about running and the importance of a plan! The best decision I have made.


I am not a confident person but Katie has given me the mental boost to join Strava. Katies other athletes and The Redway Runners, well, no words for these lovely people, most I have not met but so supportive online towards each other. I am now booking more races at different distances, so always have a focus. This is just the start of my running journey and something I wish I had of found many years ago!

We have target races to work towards and find myself booking so much more now to push for those PB’S. There is no better feeling than achieving something you never thought was possible and that is all down to CCK.

Katie has also supported me with yoga core strength and general healthy lifestyle. She is an absolute role model. Humble genuine and lovely but an amazing athlete we all aspire to be.

My running life has changed since being coached my CCK and Im looking forward to see what the future holds.”