Compression Sleeves or Fashion Statement?

You may have seen me in a lot of race photos recently with fancy socks/sleeves on my legs?

Are they a fashion statement? Hell NO!
I’ve worn compression socks for a number of years to help with the prevention of injury.
As a previous sufferer of shin splints and tight calves, they have worked wonders for me.
A bit about compression and blood flow and why I wear them..
The sciency bit
Our arteries transport oxygenated blood around the body to our muscles. Once this oxygen has been used, the deoxygenated blood and other waste products i.e. lactic acid get transported back to the heart. Once it reaches the heart, it then gets passed through to the lungs to be oxygenated once again, and the cycle continues.
Oxygen is vital for our muscles to work and perform efficiently and effectively.
So what does Compression have to do with this all?
Compression socks and sleeves provide graduated compression, meaning the compression is tighter at the foot and ankle and looser as it moves up the calf and lower leg. This type of compression helps to fight the effects of gravity and assist the body in getting the deoxygenated blood flow back to the heart.
During exercise our muscles also become fatigued through muscular vibration. As runners, pounding the streets and especially the Redways of Milton Keynes means there can be a lot of muscular vibration going on! I’ve also been advised in the past to complete some of my runs on softer ground to help with this. Trail routes and woodland areas for this are ideal! I must admit I don’t incorporate this enough into my routine, due to lack of known routes. But having the compression sleeves helps instead.
Rymora Sports 
Recently, I’ve had the privilege of being able to test out the Rymora Sports Compression Sleeves and Socks.
They both fit well and I’ve had zero pain whilst wearing them during or after training. I think my old sleeves were losing their compression, so I would strongly advise buying a new pair every so often, just like we do with running trainers. Once they’ve done their miles, we buy a fresh new pair.
I prefer wearing the calf sleeves to the full socks, but that’s just a personal preference. Sometimes compression socks reach just over my knees (long legs) and can sometimes slide down slightly during a run, whereas, the sleeves sit just underneath the knee with no movement at all. I forget they’re there half the time!
I would highly recommend these to anyone who has had any problems with lower legs in the past or currently does.
I haven’t had many issues recently with my lower legs and have been completing some training runs without them. I always wear them for races, to help with recovery and due to the increased speed and pressure through my legs. But for me, I think it’s more of a preventative thing nowadays and also a habitual part of my kit.
You can order your very own pair here: Rymora Sports on Amazon
And before you question, no this was not a paid review 😉 all opinions my own.
Thanks for reading.
Clean Coach Katie
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