Injury Update & Clean Coach Katie

A couple of months back I opened up to you all in another blog post about my current ‘running status’ and at that point was injured, AGAIN.
After returning from holiday at the start of July, I had multiple blood tests, physio appointments and an appointment with my GP. I managed to get an MRI via the GP referral for my leg too, something I’ve been wanting for a while but never had the opportunity to have. This was a first time experience for me and something I was quite hesitant about. I had been warned about the noise of the MRI machine from many people and also how claustrophobic the experience can be. Luckily I only had to have my body from the waist down inside the MRI machine and was given headphones to block out the sound. All in all, the process was less painful than expected and I was eager to find out the results.
I had the blood tests examined by both a physiotherapist and the GP at the musco-skeletal clinic and both commented on how good my results were! On paper I’m actually super healthy and even my calcium levels were above average which wouldn’t be normal with any bone problems.
On Wednesday this week I had a follow up appointment after the MRI to reveal that there were no traumas i.e. no stress fractures and no broken bones. You’d think I would have taken this as good news but at the time couldn’t understand why I’d recently experienced so much pain again. The doctor continued to tell me that I now have thickening around the bone where I’ve had the stress fractures before and appeared to have healed well. My muscles showed inflammation which caused the pain. In basic terms the swelling of muscles in my legs was rubbing against the bone and caused the excruciating discomfort. As my leg is still in the healing process I will have to continually be careful of the intensity of exercise or running I do and manage this on a long term basis. It does also mean that I’m not ruled out of running long term, woohoo!
Since my injury I’ve been continuing my strength work at the gym and also been trying to maintain my fitness levels on the stationary bike and cross trainer. My leg is feeling almost ready to begin running again, however, I’m going to give it a few further weeks to ensure I’ll be OK again. I never let an injury deter me and have been as focused as can be at the gym and tailored my sessions accordingly.
I’ve recently also made a huge decision in following my dreams and have signed up to a Personal Training course. It begins in a few weeks’ time and I’m so excited to get started. I will be studying Part Time as I still have a Full Time Job, but the long term goal is to have a career in the health and fitness industry. It’s what I love and what I am passionate about.
Alongside this I also have to come up with a name and brand which represents me and what I am about. This is where ‘Clean Coach Katie’ was born. I love food and enjoy experimenting with my meals to make nutritious recipes. I also want to be able to share my my knowledge within the health and fitness industry and believe education is such an important part of your health. Changing your lifestyle is not an overnight thing and I want to be able to work with you to transform your diet and training. I recognise that small changes need to be made and that it can be a fun and exciting process which sometimes takes time. People often view losing weight as ‘dieting’ and search for quick fixes which is why some plans aren’t stuck to. I want to be able to make you enjoy your health and fitness lifestyle and embrace your body. We are all individual and are journeys are all different, however, we are all looking to be healthier and essentially happy.
My family and friends have been so supportive about this decision and I am so grateful for their continuous encouragement and advice. In the future, the vision is to be working with a number of clients both online and offline to help improve their training, nutrition and overall well being and confidence. I want to be able to share my knowledge by coaching, personal training and offering advice around nutrition. I want to continue with this blog and create content people can relate to and is interesting for the readers. I am currently working with a few people as case studies but will be opening up spaces very soon to others, so please let me know if you would be interested.
I plan to host a launch event in January too so watch this space for further details!
Very exciting things on the Horizon 🙂