Top Tips When Eating Out

The weekend has arrived and with that comes many social plans, often including eating out.
You’ve tried really hard all week to eat well, have exercised or been to the gym and are scared to undo all your hard work with a blow-out meal.
This is how I used to feel, which is kind of upsetting.
Just because you have health or fitness goals, these should not be compromised over sharing valuable time with friends, families and loved ones.
Over the years I have found ways to eat healthier when eating out and would like to share this knowledge with.
 Clean Coach Katie’s Tips When Eating Out:

  1. If you know where you’re heading to for dinner, read the menu before entering the restaurant. Check out what is on offer and what options are available to you.
  2. If you’re in a group, order your meal first. You’re more likely to stick with your healthier choice if are the first to speak to the waiter/waitress. If you hear someone else is ordering chips before you’ve made your mind up, you’re more likely to change what you are having.
  3. When you are in the restaurant don’t be afraid to ask for things to be changed from your meal – the chef’s should be and will be flexible. Ask for the serving of sauce on the side, swap out chips for a portion of vegetables or a side salad.
  4. Ask for your food to be grilled or baked. Avoid the words ‘fried’ or ‘battered’. Eating grilled meat or fish will be cooked in a better way without additional greasy oil.
  5. Add a side of vegetables or salad to your meal. These will add volume to your dinner without extortionate calories. Creamed spinach, however, does not count! 😉
  6. Opt for water over a drink like a Coke or Lemonade. If this is too plain, ask for a Lime or Blackcurrant Cordial with soda water, as an alternative.
  7. Choose rice or a jacket potato over chips. Those sweet potatoes fries taste good, but they’re probably not home-made and deep fat fried.
  8. Don’t allow others to pass judgement on your choices. Friends should appreciate if you’re on your own personal development or health and fitness journey.
  9. And if you do end up eating dessert, don’t beat yourself up about it – enjoy it. Food is not there to make us feel guilty. Wake up the next day, drink lots of water and exercise when you can.

Hope these simple and easy tips help you out this weekend 🙂


Top tips on how to stay motivated

We all often hear or say the cliché phrase, I’ll start again on Monday.
Monday comes along… We have the best intentions and by 11am we’re crying out for the biscuit tin with our mid-morning cup of tea; dreading the bland and unappetising lunch we’ve got waiting for us on our lunch hour. We’ve all been there and failed miserably.
Most of us have tried these quick-fix diets that are meant to get us into shape via a 7 day detox days, 2 week blast or monthly plans. We’re promised the world, allured in by the apparent results, get disheartened when we see no progress and quit before we’ve even really started. There’s so much information out there in the market with various products selling us the ‘quick fix’ weight loss solution. I must admit I’ve tried and tested a few and like most others have failed. We stay on track for 5 days, the weekend arrives and we’re undoing all of the hard work we’ve had to endure over the past few days by eating everything that comes into sight.
This is why I’m such a strong believer in BALANCE. To stay motivated, working out shouldn’t have to be a chore, it should be a choice. Eating foods should be enjoyable, not torture.
Here’s some of my top tips to stay motivated:

  1. Take the time to think about the exercise you enjoy, whether that be, walking, running, yoga, swimming, cycling, boxing. Try and incorporate this into your weekly routine and as you begin to enjoy what you are doing and you see results, it will become less of an imposition and more of a lifestyle.


  1. Plan your meals ahead and buy your ingredients in advance at the weekend. Take that little time out to look after your body and health. You’ll be ever so grateful when you start to look and feel amazing. Gain inspiration from Pinterest, online recipes, Instagram. The amount of free resource out there is unbelievable. If you are unsure, at all opportunities, cook with fresh ingredients. Ditch the processed rubbish and stick to whole and unpackaged foods.


  1. Find a friend to begin this journey with. It is so much easier when you have encouragement from someone else. They will guide you and help uplift you throughout the process. They will push you through that evening’s workout and help keep you on track with your meal and food choices. They can offer you advice and wisdom and is a great way to keep yourself accountable.


  1. Keep a food and workout journal. Detail the choices you make and the workouts you complete. You’ll begin to understand the foods that work well for you and trend any patterns where your routine may be lacking. It’s interesting to look back on and a fantastic way to track your progress.


  1. If you struggle to find the motivation after work as you feel lethargic and tired, workout in the morning. This seems like a hard feat to try now. But once you’re in a routine, you’ll feel amazing and if you do finish work one day and fancy a night in front of the TV, then you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve already done your workout for the day!


  1. Set yourself small goals. These do not necessarily have to be about losing weight. It could be to aim to workout three times this week, try out a new class at the gym or if you currently skip breakfast, aim to eat a small meal each morning for 2 weeks. If you set these smaller goals and stick to them it will help to keep on track and encourage to set bigger goals next time. Once you have the self-belief, anything will be possible.


  1. And last but by no means by least… If you have a bad day, do not worry! Do not feel guilty or allow this to set you back. Start the next day afresh, forget about any previous mistakes and get straight back on track. Give that next workout your all, keep drinking plenty of water and try not to dwell on the past.

I hope some of these tips help to keep you stay motivated and on track with your goals!
Clean Coach Katie