Meet the Coaches


Age: 32

Loves: Long Chatty Sunday Runs, Peanut Butter and Squats. The less we mention tempo runs the better.


Katie is the founder of The Running Hub Community. After being awarded a 1st Class Honours in Sport Science Katie found herself in the world of Events Management. After finding a love for running it didn’t take long until she became a qualified Running Coach with England Athletics and Katie shared her passion of running with others. 

Katie was a keen Netball player in her Uni years but did not like to run at all (hello Goal Shooter, just receive the ball and shoot). So, to her friends surprise and her own, she found herself training for the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in 2012 and subsequently the 2014 London Marathon.

Katie over the past few years has ran the London Marathon four times and the New York City Marathon more recently in 2019.

Katie is most proud of her 3:22 PB and performance after coming back from a tough experience the year before.

Aside of her own goals and ambitions Katie is fully invested in to the Community she has built within The Running Hub and that everyone involved achieves their goals whatever they may be.

With Katie as your coach, you will get support from a runner whom herself has started from nothing, to British Championship entry at the London Marathon. She will support you every step of your journey, provide that crucial accountability and scientific knowledge to backup your training.

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Mentionable PBs 
3:22 –  London Marathon 2019 
1:29 – Milton Keynes Winter Half 2018 
18:53 – Rocket 5k 2018 



Age: 35

Loves: Tempo Runs, Sausage Rolls and Buying Running Shoes, and being able to sneak them past Katie without knowing. None of these are required to be an athlete with James.  


James is our newest coach at The Running Hub but has been behind the scenes for a while. James ran for Milton Keynes Athletics in his younger years and represented the county regularly as well as medalling in National Championships.

James and athletics parted ways as he grew up through college and early working years in the hospitality industry. In 2011, in vain hope to regain some fitness and lose some weight James donned a pair of Nikes and the next adventure began. Running his first race as an adult in March of 2012 over the half marathon distance (never had he ran that far before) finished in a respectable 1:31, and reignited the flame of competition and competing against himself. Soon after this the re-education of training as an adult and structure of long distance running began.

Over the past few years James has competed over XC, Road and Track completing 3 of the 6 World Marathon Majors.

With James as your coach you can expect great one to one support and a share of his varied knowledge, he really has learnt most things the hard way to save you doing the same. James is a strong advocate of building the foundation to create a stronger runner whether you target a 5 hour Marathon or a 33 Minute 10k he is here to get you there.

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Mentionable PBs 
2:59 –  Marathon New York City Marathon 2014
1:21 – Half Marathon St Neots 2012
17:12 – 5k Northampton 2014