My Fitness Inspo!

Fitness Blogger such as Joe Wickes and the likes of Clean Eating Alice have taken the fitness industry by storm recently. Online bloggers are now giving out free content and advice on a range of topics including the best ways to work out, how to burn fat effectively, new and exciting recipes ideas and how to eat well and to fuel our training. Through their Instagram and online blogs, they have created a real buzz and following in recent times.
There are a lot of other bloggers in the social media world that I have followed for some time now. Some of these are the reason why I have had the inspiration to follow my dreams and set up my business ‘Clean Coach Katie’. I hope that one day people respond to me, just as well as these figures are received in the health and fitness industry. Their knowledge and influence has helped me to shape my vision and I’ve also had the benefit of learning a lot through them to progress in my own health and fitness journey.

  • Zanna Van Dijk

Personal Trainer. Adidas Brand Ambassador. Author. Says. It. All.
I have followed Zanna for quite some time now and have loved to see her progress, develop and constantly grow her success. What I love about Zanna is how natural she is, the advice she gives it so honest and she genuinely has fun with what she does.
She’s TALL, but embraces it. And as a fellow tall female, I love the fact she is not ashamed of herself and her body. We should all follow her advice and love ourselves for who we are. We sometimes can get caught up in the world of comparing ourselves to others and she advocates against this.
She’s recently released a book called ‘Strong’ and I would highly recommend buying it. She covers a variety of topics, gives out some great workout advice including how to use weights correctly and has some killer recipes to finish it off.
Definitely worth a follow!
Instagram – @zannavandijk

  • Tally Rye

I found Tally through following Zanna. I LOVE her YouTube videos as she creates awesome content worth watching with lots of advice. She’s also a Personal Trainer and works in London. A master of spin classes and peanut butter lover.
I also love how real Tally is. She never sugar coats anything and you can tell she has experience within the industry. Her background is performing arts and this shines through in everything she does. Another person you must follow!
Instagram – @tallrye


  • Charlie – The Runner Beans

I’ve not found any other running blogger that I can relate to as much as Charlie. Charlie works, is a student and still manages to find time to blog and to run! At the moment she is getting up at 5am to complete her marathon training. If that’s not motivation for everyone else to workout, then what is?
I love reading her blog posts as they’re inspiring, informative and engaging. Especially in relation to running. I have yet to find anyone who is as established as a running blogger as she is. She also does great race reviews so worth taking a look at, if you may be unsure of entering one she may have already covered.
Charlie has also done a number of overseas marathon. An abroad marathon is on my bucket list so I love to follow her page to see what she gets up to.
Instagram – @therunnerbeans

  • Mind Body Bowl

Also known as Annie Clarke. I first saw Annie at the Free From Show back in 2016 and attended a talk she did on her journey and about finding balance. Her name says it all. About finding a connection between what your head tells you, how your body responds and what you put on your plate. I found her talk very useful and it was very interesting to gain her perspective as she follows a plant based diet. I tried going vegan for a week and found it wasn’t for me. I enjoyed the experiment, but my body couldn’t handle so much fibre!
She’s a keen yoga instructor so this really appeals to me too. Her Instagram is full of lovely recipes to try and challenging yoga poses.
Small fact: she’s also a fan of Jack Garratt. I saw her recently at the Hammersmith gig just before the show. I was far too shy to say hello, so I missed out meeting her properly here!
Instagram – @mind_body_bowl

  • Siobhan O’Hagan – OH Fitness

Siobhan is a Personal Trainer, based in Ireland and is currently growing her online business. This is the direction I also want to take my business in the future and find her a motivating person to follow. She left her 9 – 5 job to follow her dream, something I fully relate to as well.
She’s hilarious on snapchat and currently in preparation (also known as ‘prep’) for a Bikini Competition. I will love watching her get ready for this competition and follow her journey as she goes through weeks of training and consistency with her diet.
Bikini competitions really don’t appeal to me and it’s not a direction I want to take my training. However, I love understanding the journey as it takes a lot of commitment, hard work and dedication. Something I can completely relate to with marathon training. I personally love my food too much, so would find this part of the regime tough. I love flexibility and eating out, something which is difficult to do when training in this way.
She is a regular fan of a good blow dry and a lover of make up and a night out. A ‘real’ fitness blogger who shows an incredible balance in life.
Instagram – @ ohfitness_ie
Siobhan O'Hagan .jpg

  • Chessie King/Healthy Chef Steph – Two Peas in a Bod

Such beautiful girls, both inside and out. They are stunning and absolutely hilarious on their social media platforms. Great to watch on SnapChat as they are joint at the hip pretty much!
Chessie often films her gym workouts and Steph’s Instagram is full of food and great recipe ideas.
Best friends who have recently come together to form ‘Two Peas in a Bod’. They’ve both prepped for a bikini competition before but have openly admitted that they love the balance they have now with food and training.
You seriously won’t regret following these two!
Instagram – @chessiekingg and @healthychefsteph

  • Carly Rowena

Such a likeable person. Stunning personality and very real and honest in her YouTube videos. A great aura and energy around her.
One of the fitness bloggers who I have found who has made a name for herself in the industry without living and working in London.
She’s travelled often and documents this on her online blogs on YouTube. A great channel to subscribe to. Full of gym inspo, workout ideas and weekly food diaries.
She’s recently got into CrossFit so if you’re interested in this then she’s definitely worth a follow.
Instagram – @carlyrowena

  • Sophie Aris

Sophie is another fitness blogger who has competed in a number of bikini competitions.
Worth a follow for inspiration as she regularly uploads her routines in the gym and is very dedicated to what she does.
Be warned, serious body envy!
Instagram – @sophie_aris
I hope that one day I can have the influence in the industry like these do too!
They have inspired me enough to follow my dreams, so maybe they can do the same for you too.
Clean Coach Katie