17 Days & Not That I'm Counting…

We’re now 17 days out from the London Marathon and at this stage, I should be panicking, be a bundle of nerves and as some would say, absolutely ‘bricking it’.


However, for some reason, whether that be naïve, I am not.

I am in the ‘tapering’ phase of my training plan which means my weekly mileage reduces, as I physically and mentally prepare for the race I’ve been getting myself ready for since January 2nd.
I’m not quite sure what has given me this new found confidence, but I’m putting it down to a few different factors:

  • A great run on Sunday at Oakley, covering 20 miles and a new PB on a tough course
  • Following Sunday, how good I’ve felt since, my recovery was quick, no aches in the legs and I ran a great pace during a 5 mile run 3 days later
  • The various chats I’ve had with family members and close friends recently, their faith in me is probably what drives me the most
  • A half marathon PB of 1 hour 43 at the recent MK Festival of Running
  • Using all the previous experience I have gained to fine tune both my training and nutrition. I am proud of the fact that I have put my training plan together myself and have not followed a ‘strict’ plan, allowing myself the flexibility to go with how I’ve felt each week

All of the above is starting to make me believe that 26.2 is possible!

Despite all of this, a big part of this confidence has to be, that since my last marathon, I am now a very proud Redway Runner. As a member of the club, it means I am surrounded by some of the best… experienced, inspirational and influential runners.
As a part of RR you don’t just receive an opportunity to better yourself as a runner, but be exposed to invaluable knowledge and expertise. I appreciate that I have run the London Marathon before, but everyone has a different angle or approach to training. And this is something I highly appreciate. Our bodies all respond differently and how I train may be completely different to someone else.
My Nan once said to me that knowledge is never wasted and we always have the capacity to learn more. So, this is what I do, every damn day, I try to expand my knowledge further and better myself from yesterday. I don’t just apply this to my own running, but to myself as an individual, as a coach and a personal trainer.
Following on from this, the incredible results from Oakley and the Manchester Marathon from various club members has given me a buzz and I cannot wait for that to be me. (Providing my run goes to plan!)
Whether we know it or not, we are influencing and inspiring others by what we set out to achieve. However, big or small that may be, to know that I have potentially made a difference to someone else, gives me the greatest reward of all.

Whatever the outcome may be on Sunday 23rd April, I know that I have raised a lot of money for a cause very close to my heart, I’ve trained hard, put in the time and the miles and made sacrifices to get there. Although at times the process has been very hard; the medal, post-run celebrations and whole bottle of prosecco after it, will all be worth it!