The Running Hub

The Running Hub Community

An inclusive community of like minded athletes striving to reach their full potential from topping podiums, first parkruns and achieving life long goals. The support network of the community and structure of training is a place to thrive and achieve.

Online Coaching

Have you signed up for a race with no idea where to start with your training?

Or already a keen runner but want to increase speed or work up to a higher distance?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Here at The Running Hub, we offer online coaching to see you all the way from the beginning of your plan through to the finish line to reach your ultimate running goals. We offer two types of training; a training plan or online coaching.


Online coaching is our most popular coaching service.

Online coaching is for runners wanting to have someone to be accountable to, for that extra support with training and specific to them to achieve their running targets. We believe that to achieve results you must also have a great coach/athlete relationship and we believe it’s really important for us to be able to work well with one another.

Online Coaching includes:

Your own training plan which we work on, on a month to month basis.
Your own profile within our online coaching platform where you can access your plan, upload your session data from your Garmin, Polar etc. and leave feedback which can also be treated as a training diary
As well as the plan you will receive constant support and continual weekly feedback from your coach
A monthly catch up call to discuss training and also map out future weeks
Membership to The Running Hub Community which gives you access to 3 live weekly classes including strength, core and stretching (which can be completed on catch up), Strava group, whats app chat, training guidance, weekly recipes and monthly expert workshops.
A supportive community to keep you inspired, motivated and engaged along your own training journey – sharing your successes with others.

Online Coaching

+ Nutrition Support

Along with our Online Coaching you may be interested in our Nutrition Support plan to match up with your individual and personal goals which could include.
-Lose Weight
-Body Composition
-Body Fat
-Fuel Performance
With our Online Coaching + Nutrition Support programme we will monitor your fuel keep you accountable to your targets and review weekly your goals and habits. Creating healthy achievable behaviours is pivotal to success.

The Running Hub Community

The Running Hub has been created to…

Bring a positive community of runners together

Guide you through safe and fun strength routines

Provide support, advice and knowledge through your training journey

Help you to become a stronger and more robust runner by staying injury free

What’s included as part of ‘The Running Hub’

Live Stretch – weekly class on Mondays at 7pm to iron out the weeks training

Coaches Hour – a weekly online drop in session online where you can ask the coaches anything about training, advice about your own plan, feedback, kit recommendations and a chance to catch up with your community team mates.

On Demand Classes – a workout library to make you a #StrongerFitterFaster runner with 4 new workouts uploaded a month

Training Plans – in the resource library ranging from 5km – half marathons

Running guidance and weekly running session suggestions including speed and interval workouts

Monthly community calls with expert guests on a range of topics to help improve your running

Continual support from Katie and James in the Community Hub to become the best runner possible!

The Running Hub


This new programme has been put in to place to give the people what they want. Coaching available to all no matter on ability, affordable, fun and challenging.

Training as a group will help keep each other inspired and motivated. The training plan will be made adaptable to each individual with rep split and target times. Published on our easy to use training programme with mobile phone app access.

We will have monthly team meetings via zoom to discuss the training phases both looking forwards and previous. Team work can be fun but most importantly over looked when building success.

All this will also be accompanied by The Running Hub Community access with live and on demand yoga classes, Strength and HITT sessions. A whole host of resources to help you become a #StrongerFitterFaster version of you.

Upon sign up you will be registered with England Athletics (first or second claim) and receive a RH Club Vest.

Testimonials from our clients

London Marathon – my childhood dream. I’ve been coaching with Katie for some time now, together, we have achieved many “goals” – mostly time and in the case of ultra’s completion together with an element of fun. 
The remarkable thing about Katie is that she is able to hone in on these feelings, even when you are saying the “right” things, she is able unpick what it is you are thinking to make your goals about what you *want* to achieve, not what you *think* you should achieve.  
I ran THE London Marathon and had THE time of my life… even after 26.2 miles I didn’t want it to end. So much so, one of the finish stewards told me my smile couldn’t get any bigger, but they would have to move me along! I felt strong, in body and mind, knowing I was going to make it a race I will never forget. Mission accomplished – without Katie and the guidance it wouldn’t have been half the race I wanted it to be. 

    Naomi Avery

    Katie was my ‘game changer’ in my marathon journey and I can’t thank her enough. From a PB of 4:26 to a 3:58 in my first training block with Katie as my coach, earning me my GFA to run London, which then led me to run Chicago and then to run Boston. Now on the road to time qualify for New York and can’t wait to see what she has in store for me this training cycle.

      Sadie Galvin

      I loved the idea of the community and also having 1:1 guidance from someone who has extensive running experience, someone who could keep me accountable to my own training but someone who could tailor a plan to me. It’s only been a 2.5 months but I have definitely noticed a difference in my running. Being able to run faster, longer and injury free! Katie has really helped me and structured a plan that has felt manageable, as well as challenging me to my ability.

        Natasha Town

        Within a few months I smashed all my goals and now my dreams are starting become achievable. I’ve gained confidence, multiple PBs in all distances in times I didn’t know I was capable of, become stronger and yet some how I’m less tired in my training than I was before I signed up! I enjoy the process and structure and it’s helping me in other parts of my life also. The Community is very motivating and people will support you and give you a virtual push of encouragement if you need it. There are so may inspirational people in the group.

          Susan Farrow

          Since joining The Running Hub Community I’ve learnt so much about running, nutrition, recovery and strength training. I’ve also PB'd several times in every distance since starting 121 coaching. I’ve achieved goals and race times I didn't think were achievable and learnt what my body is capable of. I’ve become much more disciplined in my training, nutrition and recovery and along the way have made some amazing friendships through the community.

            Steph Scott

            After restarting running after a year of running, I felt I was not getting anywhere. I was just putting one foot in front of the other and not improving. Since joining The Running Hub and starting working with James, my training has changed completely. The variety in training and the way James coaches, advises, pushes me and holds me accountable has made a big difference to my training. I have since ran my fastest marathon since 2017 and broken a 9 year old 10k PB. Trusting the process and having a coach that is there for you on the good and tough moments has helped me get to a place in my running I surely would not have achieved by myself. Thank you James and Katie.

              Pedro Graca

              From kick starting a passion for running leading up to my first marathon to improving my times, fitness, confidence, self belief and confidence thereafter, The Running Hub community and coaching have been a staple in my day to day life for the past 2 years. Wether it was in my early days of being someone new to running, returning from illness or wanting to push myself towards new goals while in the early stages of family life, James / TRH have provided me a tailored structure, knowledge source, accountability and a supporting community to be able to continue to develop day in, day out in the world of running

                Dan Balsdon